The Pandora Port Request Thread

Rust/Cargo (a fairly recent version) will be on the next codeblocks (if I finish it one day). There is an older (but usable) version in latest published beta if someone want to try.
Hi all,

Would Moon Cheeser / Around the Moon run on the Pandora (Godot Engine) ?

Cheers, Magic Sam

I had a quick look at the Developer Bundle, and it uses an "engine.cfg", so it should be using something older than godot 3.0 (there that file would be named "project.godot") so probably some 2.1 version was used.
I don't have my Pandora with me right now so I can't test it, but looking at the screenshots I'd say it might even work without any or just some minor adjustments (maybe some in order to make it playable on the 800x480 screen and some in case the sprite textures aren't power of 2 and have mipmaps enabled).

Running it on my Laptop it seems to be working fine with many different window sizes, so 800x480 shouldn't be a problem but mipmapping seems to be enabled by default, so some GLES driver versions of the Pandora might show some Sprites in black if there are any non power of two texture sizes.
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Hi all :)

A companion to @ptitSeb's Danger from the Deep:

"OpenSSN is a submarine simulator (sometimes referred to as a subsim) for modern classes of submarine. The player is able to pilot their submarine, detect vessels and engage enemy ships. The game focuses on the tactical aspect of commanding a submarine, leaving many of the minor details up to the AI crew."

Source (checking this one out as I type):
svn checkout openssn-code

EDIT: the source code on SVN seems to be lacking some files (sound.h for example). Prefer the official 1.4 release from 2013-05-22:

EDIT 2: it compiled nicely on the Pandora thanks to @ptitSeb's Code::Blocks :) I'll try to push this one to the Repo ASAP !

Note for self (before going to bed): export PREFIX="/mnt/utmp/openssn-magicsam" proved handy, and OpenSSN will require @notaz ' improved SDL to work in fullscreen mode:
/mnt/utmp/openssn-magicsam/bin$ ./openssn -f
Couldn't set video mode...
OpenSSN requires 1024x768 @ 16 bpp
No video mode large enough for 1024x768

EDIT 3: I recompiled the game this morning while in the train, with all the optimizations frrom Code::Blocks (-O3 -ffast-math etc...). Not sure this is a great idea, considering this is a submarine simulation, with lots of advanced math involved (I could be wrong though...). The PND is almost ready, you can expect a release soon !

EDIT 4: PND is ready, but the game has many issues (it segfaults, for one thing. Even when recompiled with -O2 only), so I'm quite reluctant to release it on the Repo as is. I'll recompile it with debug flags, see if I can understand what's going wrong...

EDIT 5: of course, the game no longer segfaults when compiled with the debugging flags... Typical :D

EDIT 6: OpenSSN 1.4 is on the Repo :)

Cheers, Magic Sam
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Is it possible to use the source code from Rogue Collection to compile the individual PC Rogue v1.48 found in the Rogue Collection for the Pandora?

PC Rogue v1.48 runs in DOSBox, and it would be nice to have a native Pandora version. Thanks!

The full set in the Rogue Collection is:

+ PC Rogue v1.48
+ PC Rogue v1.1
+ Unix Rogue v5.4.2
+ Unix Rogue v5.3
+ Unix Rogue v5.2.1
+ Unix Rogue v3.6.3

If someone could port the entire Rogue Collection that would be awesome! Thanks again!
Hi all :)

Rexuiz (SDL2 game) ?
Rexuiz is a fast-pased 3D first person shooter game. Rexuiz is a revival of the game “Nexuiz Classic” (formerly known as “Nexuiz”) and thus very similar to that game. Rexuiz is compatible with Nexuiz Classic servers. The goal of the project is to create a high quality first person shooter that can be played freely across all platforms in one package, including GNU/Linux. The game is entirely free software and is able to run in low-end hardware.

EDIT: source code is on github

Cheers, Magic Sam
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Hi all :)

OpenMW 0.44 is out:
Fixed an FPS drop after minimizing the game during rainy weather (#4211)
Rainy weather no longer slows down the game when changing from indoors to outdoors (#4314)

@ptitSeb : I know you already tried to port this engine to the Pandora, but do you think this new version would be worth a try ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
Hi all :)

OpenMW 0.44 is out:

@ptitSeb : I know you already tried to port this engine to the Pandora, but do you think this new version would be worth a try ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
I will have the same performances (so a couple of fps, at best, when outside), the "rain" fix are certainly good, but it is slow without rain anyway on the Pandora. OpenMW is too much for both CPU and GPU. I know gl4es is used on the Android port, and fps are pretty good there, but on much more powerfull phone then what the Pandora is...
Maybe I'll package it one day, and put it in the beta thread..