Zomboid on the Pandora ?

Lord Moonscar

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Jan 29, 2011
I know its not open source but i just mailed the creators and suggested it be ported.

I was just wondering if the community has heard of there game and think it would be possible to port if they dont.

Would this be a good addition to the game library and would you mind this being a Pandora game you would have to pay for.


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I've played the alpha version. It's pretty interesting, but I suggest waiting a bit before the project matures to make a port.

Then again, a proof of concept couldn't hurt...
Whoopse just found it :p

Oh well now we have one in software and in general

(combined pics mwahahahaha)

zomboid pandora.jpg
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A software library for graphics, kinda like OpenGL. LWJGL, however, is not made for ARM platforms (unlike OpenGL, which has OpenGL ES), so nothing in it will run on the Pandora. Not until the original devs get their hands on an ARM device, anyway.