The Pandora Port Request Thread

Thanks @cube48

also, this will be in the next beta of codeblocks PND.
@ptitSeb I know you had some issues with porting Electron on the Pandora but that was some time ago - have you looked recently?

Also, what were the main issues?
There is 2 main issue with Electron:
1st it's very difficult to build, because the build system consider that Linux/ARM is on ARMHF eabi.
2nd Electron is based on Chrome and that one needs GLES2 hardware acceleration, and that can be problematic with latest driver. I may retry one day, but I need to workaround the build system...
@ptitSeb Thanks. I've been researching the build process and it looks like a huge mish-mash of dependencies.

The GLES2 issue is related to unsupported features in the driver?
Yep. Basicaly it's based on chromium build system, but with some other stuff... Pretty tricky to modify, and not that usual as a build system.