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Nov 30, 2009
Lelystad, Netherlands
I don't have my pandora yet but I would be really happy if I could pair my pandora to my keyboard and see the notes on my screen :).
So if there is some one who knows a free open-source midi program that can be ported and a dev who has some spare time to port it and other musical people that support the idea we could do this.

You really can find a usb adapter for anything lol
This stuff is coming, heaps of it. :) First we need an OS update to enable USB-MIDI (that's about as technical as I can get with that) and some things should flow pretty quickly. Torpor is our resident excellent person in this field.
I'm on it, but we need to wait until the Audio debugging/hacking that notaz is currently doing settles down and makes its way into the next hotfix.

I have a current setup that includes an Akai LK25 (excellent keyboard controller) and the Pandora .. we have snd-usb-audio onboard, which includes a class-compliant MIDI device driver, so assuming this audio stuff gets settled, it won't be long until we can plug a MIDI keyboard in and use the Pandora for all things MIDI.

Stay tuned, I'll be releasing a package as soon as the dust settles on audio hacking in the main Base OS realm ..
I managed to get seq24 and ZynAddSubFx compiled and "working" ( you'll need to modprobe one of the modules for the sequencer to work. )
ZynAddSubFx is "a bit slow" due to me just flagging it to use cmath instead of optimised x86 assembly. It does work though, which is something!
seq24 has a few GUI windows that are a bit too big for the screen resolution.. and I haven't yet prodded it with my MIDI keyboard though it seems that there's some stuff to go into a hotfix for it, so might hold off on that a bit longer.

I also had JACK running but I couldn't find anything lightweight enough to do the connection stuff, and ran out of space in my dev environment while trying to get all the QT stuff available for qjackctl to compile ( oops )

As Torpor's on the case though, I'll probably stop fiddling with the MIDI stuff and get back to beating MilkyTracker some more.
I should have a new dev PND thing tonight to replace my old one ( seeing as I killed the current one on my card, oops ) .. just need to do some more testing on it and add a few more things.
Stuckie, you and I are definitely on the same path .. last night I downloaded the Milkytracker sources (after using your release of it for a few hours in a jam session) to see if I could fix the Instrument editor bug .. ;) Maybe you wanna fix that bug and I'll leave it alone?

I also got seq24 and ZynAddSubFx built, but I wanted to leave these alone until after notaz finishes fixing the audio glitches in the kernel, and then a Hotfix is released .. I would like to package up seq24, ZynAddSubFx, and a few other synths into a big "portable studio PND" after the audio fix hash propagated.

I'm shooting to have a Pandora with Akai LK25 and the Pads (LP25?) at my bands next jam session next week (Friday), so if that works out, I'll do a release ..


ZynAddSubFx is "a bit slow" due to me just flagging it to use cmath instead of optimised x86 assembly. It does work though, which is something!

I was looking at whether its feasible to use NEON to supplant this x86 assembly .. what do you think of the idea?
Hehe, seems I've been racing you ;)

Yea, I'll have a further look at the MilkyTracker thing.. I need to get my dev environment set up again and try and remember how to use GDB properly ( too used to clicking breakpoints in an IDE these days.. yes, I know.. I'm a poor excuse for a code hacker! ) but I should be sorted tonight. I imagine it's something simple, to be honest.

NEON should be feasible enough.. I did have a quick look at what it's up to and although it's not going to be an overnight job, it seemed fairly straight forward in what it was doing for someone with enough Maths voodoo behind them ( so not me, or you'll be waiting for a while! ) I'd reckon it'd probably end up working really well on the Pandora after this.. a fully configurable portable softsynth in your pocket? now there's something to shout about ;) then there's the rest of the MIDI stuff that'll follow!

Either way, I shall leave the MIDI stuff to you, if you like :)
I had a quick look at Ardour ( just for a giggle ) and it looks like it'll be a beast to try and get on, so perhaps sticking with seq24 and maybe going up to LMMS at a push, would be best. The juggling required for Ardour's dependencies would be fun enough!
Milkytracker is awesome - once the Instrument editor bug is fixed (looks like its just not overlaying the buffer in the right place, as the rest of MT stays operational even if the Instrument screen is missing) its going to be a really nice piece of software to jam with!

Anyway, for the developers following this thread, I've started a "notes on MIDI" thread here .. Working out the details on how to get all the pieces in place to make the Pandora a superlative MIDI Sequencing platform ..
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I am more than excited for the port of PureData that DJWillis/Torpor have alluded to, I would be more than estatic if GEM somehow got ported (my opengl and gl-es is nowhere near good) I see a panda and puredata as by far THE greatest music platform ever, once this machines in my hands I'll be posting videos of myself performing with it live.
seq24!!! *Squeeeeee!!!* And ZynAddSubFX!!! *Double SQEEEEE!!!!* and PD!!!!! *faints, reawakens*

You are all my heroes. All of you. Srsly.

:wub: :wub: :wub: