The Gp2x Rap


Still Fresh
Mar 1, 2006
London, UK
Yo, I'm rappin' bout the GP2X
It's really small and it's better than sex
When I first saw it I was quite perplexed
It looked really cool, but also complex

But as it turns out it's easy to use
I can download games made by homebrew dudes
It's even better than my favourite foods
and always puts me in really good moods

Although the joystick used to be crap
Now they've released a new joystick cap!
That's why I decided to bust out this rap
before you all told me to shut my trap

I've got 1 GB SD card
When I play my GP2X I look really hard
Some of you might call me a retard
But I'll just sip through your fingers like a knob of lard

It takes 2 AA batteries
When they run out of juice I get down on my knees
And yell "New Duracell is what I really needs"
"Give me those AA power cells please!"

One day I get worried it all might go to far
If I can't get the top score on the game of Vektar
So much free stuff unpacked with WinRar
Makes me so happy I laugh "har har!"

It's the successor to the GP32
Some people out there say that it is poo
Without my GP2X I don't know what I'd do
It's all that I've got, as I can't get a screw

With my GP2X I'm cool like the Fonz
Watching my films and playing my songs
I've got to go now, been here far too long
Just one more thing, nobody say "Where do you get ROMS"!!!!

And if you don't know now you know



in the '6

With MC The Booboo

and the GP2X crew

(scratching, fade out)
Anymore of that and you'll be getting a DaveC cap in yo ass, mofo

Even though I didn't read most of it, I'm glad to see that someone is keepin' it real!
Wow, thats really cool! Any chance you could get an mp3 recording of you rapping to a drum beat? We would all love to hear it