Whats The Best Aa Batteries And Charger To Get For My Gp2x Mkii?


Nov 28, 2004
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Hi there I am looking for a good AA Batteries and Charger for my GP2X MKII console. What do you recommend which one I should buy etc. The AA Batteries must fit In my GP2X console. The AA Batteries and Charger I got now and the charge AA Batteries I used now don't fit In my GP2X MKII console. Normal AA Batteries works no problems at all. Thanks for reading this.
I am also curious as to what oddly sized AA's you're using, but to answer your question, I have a set of 4 Energizer 2500mAh and a set of 4 Duracell 2650 mAh rechargeables and both work fine in my GP2X and my Energizer charger.
I am using Uniross rechargeable 1300mah ni-mh batteries. They fit In my old GP2X MKI console and works no problems at all but I don't understand why they don't fit in my new GP2X MKII console. When I put them In they are loose.
Yesterday when I was in a multimedia shop, I saw a converter for D-cells to AA. Anybody has a clue what this is?
need4speed posted on Dec 9 2006 at 08:56 PM said:
When I put them In they are loose.

try bending the connectors inward or something, this is a quite common issue when a GP2X has been dropped etc.
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Thanks for the Infomation but I am going to get them today and I will get the bigger battries sometime later. Thanks for all your help.
I just brought some new rechargeable battries now. When I put them In they are still loose still do I need to bend the connectors or something to make It worked cause Its doing my head In now. Please help me thanks alot :(
Thats the problem I got sam fisher the big fat rechargeable battries I got fit no problems at. So how do I bend the connectors to fit the small rechargable battires I got today then? Thanks for your help.
sure, i dont see why that wouldnt work, just as long as you can bend them so the batterys can fit
The top connector works no problems at all with the new rechargeable battires I got today Its just the bottom connector which Is having problems putting In the second battery In. Where It Is a small gap that the connector Is not touching the second battery. So I just go behind the second connector and bend It forward until It touches the second battery ect? Thanks :)