The Gigantic Star Trek thread

The new Session of Lower Decks is Out now, at least the first Episode ^^, Every Friday one new Episode, but you can also watch the current Episode on a day after friday, one of the good things of Streaming ^^

I decide to watch just the more interesting episodes of the Original Series, not every episode so i hope i will be a bit faster through..
Whit Captain Kirk, and Spock etc is quite entertaining, but you dont need to see every single episode..
I know its a sakrileg not to watch every Episode
Hmm, this thread reminded me to look up the status of Star Trek: Prodigy. Apparently, America gets it this year, but Europe gets it next year, because Paramount+ has to expand first.
After i though about it long, i decide to let the Original Series away for now, and are now watching the TNG
I like the old Crew, Spock, Kirk, Mc Coy, Zulu, but somewhere i prefer the new Crew a bit more..
Yeah, TOS has some excellent episodes, but a lot of it is generic western filler filmed at the Vasquez Rocks. TNG on the other hand after faltering through the first series really started to pick up pace from the second.
You mean between Data and the Medic? In the Episode where they had that much alkohol in blood because of cosmic radiation,
and they found a file in the archive which tells that the Crew of the OLD Enterprise had the same issue ^^
I followed a bit of Orwell

Not bad. It explores some serious things, like a broken relation in a confined space. Lying. And does not take itself all too seriously, for example: Ja' loja ("The great release") is about an alien race that goes to pee (which they do sporadically) and it's with guests because it's a big thing. It contains the same elements: a robot, a leader that doubts, lot's of extra's and alien species. A spaceship similar to the Enterprise.