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  1. Cerbera

    Cerbera Begen

    Jun 16, 2007
    I've managed to overcome my natural tendency to procrastinate and actually gotten around to doing things for once.

    What have you been doing? I hear no one ask, well I've installed and configured Linux CLI Launcher on my mobile phone, done the same thing with Openbox on my Pandora, and experienced many different flavours of nightmare fuel during my House Party beta testing stint. (NSFW)
  2. kuru

    kuru Irate Pyrate

    Jan 13, 2009
    the mockracy
    As it tends to play out I got through the week just fine in order to wake up sick on Saturday. Later that day I then found out that I wasn't the only one befallen by a virus. My Windows box used to crash playing a few select games. Turns out everything nVidia had been infected, producing those bluescreens. Deleted drivers would just be brought back by the OS. Finally just wiped the thing, too much bother.
    The commercial AV I used wasn't able to pick it up, nevermind Defender. What then actually found the miscreants - a trojan and a virus - was ClamAV.

    In my bread baking adventures I finally tried fresh yeast instead of the dry stuff and added some butter - suffice to say the local supermarket bakery will not see me again anytime soon.
    Also: ginger ale, fermented for 24hrs.
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