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@Null Now I know you're just talking out your arse. Royal Mail use hCaptcha on their tracking page, not that google knockoff.
Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator Yuji Naka has been arrested for insider trading that occurred while he was employed with Square Enix.

Some people are saying he got ratted out because he’s in the middle of a lawsuit against Square Enix. Anyway, if Balan Wonderworld didn’t make you hop off the Yuji Naka train, nothing will.
The Biden administration has determined in a Justice Department filing that the Saudi crown prince cannot be held accountable for Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, because he’s a head of state and heads of state have immunity.

My guess is either we need oil or Biden did something that he’s gonna need that immunity for.
I find it strange that we don't have an escalator/stairs/ladder unicode character...

@TeDaDeS awfully made presentation video. Shows a joystick while describing a stylus (with variable pressure, nice). I do like that you might dock it and use as a laptop. But what OS will it have? I don't get a tingle for this one.

I've finally found a way to keep Peony quiet.

It turns out Amazon workers in many different countries including the US are striking. I wonder if this is why my SSD got delayed ten days.
I may be mistaken, but I always thought it was possible to run the emergency number without even having a sim inserted. That suggests that if it can't find it's tethered network, it'll check what else is out there. So you only need to leave one 2G cell tower powered up to handle all emergency calls.
Some Orange leader says emergency calls might not work everywhere in France in case of power cuts this winter. French government says they're just whining for more attention and priority. Go figure.
Today I ate three pizzas. Not all in one sitting though. 18 slices first sitting, the other six slices second sitting. I gotta learn to pace myself better. I’m guessing the only reason I don’t have diabetes yet is that undetected cancer is helping absorb my blood sugar.