Tell Us Non-Atari St Guys What The Best Of The Atari St... Are. ;)


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Mar 8, 2008
I never had an Atari ST, myself, and only own one game (listed below) so I'd love to hear some recommendations for this system, too! :p (Use the usual format from the other threads, please. :))

I can recommend my one game, at least. :p

Chip's Challenge - Puzzle - A fiendish and clever game where you must assist Nerdy Chip Callahan in solving a huge series of maze-like logic puzzles, in order to be granted membership to Melinda the Mental Marvel's exclusive geek club, The Bit-Busters.
Ahhhhhg I'm away from a keyboard for 3 days and you askthis?!

See he mame thread where I dumped a blog link of my St fags from years ago

dungeon master
time bandits
bubble bobble

phone and screaming kid so.. Another day :(

Loving these threads. I had a little vision as I was going to sleep last night of an "Emu Essentials" subforum, with a pinned thread like this one for every system we have available.

Probably not practical to implement, but maybe an Emu Essentials index page on the wiki could link back to all these threads.

[edit] I see the subforum idea has been raised. I think we're on the verge of subforum overload personally... I think I'll go ahead and do the wiki thing for now anyway.
I'm having great fun with these threads, too - it's great fun writing stuff up, and great fun reading others' recommendations, too. :D

@Jeff - Sorry! :lol: I will be giving your "Atari ST Canon" link a read shortly. :D
In the obscure category, I played a lot of 'Moonbase' by Atari. A strange hybrid of Asteroids, Gravitar and , umm, several others.

'Nebulus' was as good a version of the rotating tower platformer as any other.
Xenon 1 and 2
(most of stuff from an amiga list, also on St)
buggy boy - somehow addicting simple racer
super sprint - great version of arcade classic
leisure suit Larry started here
(tonnes of text and graphical adventures.. Infocom, magnetic scrolls, lucasarts)
tonnes of great icnic fligh sims but we'll see how playable these heavy keyboard games are (falcon!)
wargames were plentiful .. Colonial conquest, empire
many games have their roots here .. Early ultima


I love these threads, could do them every year :)
Check out my screenshots gallery from my palm emu:

great St site:
Atari legend

screnshots for thousands of games
I had an amiga 500 and 1200 growing up as well as an Atari 1040 STF. There were actually quite a few games that I enjoyed better on the Atari ST. Games I love on the ST are:
Time Bandits
Gold Runner
Gods (I like this version better than the amiga)
Wiz Ball
Wrath of the Demon (amiga version is a bit better)
Space Ace
Dragon's Lair Time Warp
Major Motion (sly spy clone but better)
Spell Bound
Saint Dragon
Xenon 1&2
Air Ball
Marble Madness (ST is my favorite version)
Star Glider
Alien Fires
Frontier (elite 2)
Good memory's of buggyboy, but have not played that for 20 years :p
Nebulus was legendary as well;

And.... ofcourse..... Joust!!!

Edit: Llamatron was funny
Populous also rings some positeve bells
MarkoeZ said:
Frontier (elite 2)
Good memory's of buggyboy, but have not played that for 20 years :p
Nebulus was legendary as well;

And.... ofcourse..... Joust!!!

Edit: Llamatron was funny
Populous also rings some positeve bells
Ah man how could I forget Llamatron! That game was awesome! That's another game I like better on the ST than Amiga. I actually got it from an ST Action magazine I believe. Yak was awesome and did a great job on the Atari Jaguar Tempest 2000 as well.
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Mad Professor Moriarty (my fave platformer ever)
Quik and Silva another good platformer
Frontier Elite II
Fascination (Resque adventure game like the larry games but a bit more serious)
B.A.T I and II
Knightmare (like Dungeon Master)
Bomb Jack
Black Lamp
Black Hornet (great vertical scrolling shoot em up, you could actually change your hight and fly under bridges or down valleys to avoid shots etc)
Obsession pinball (STE only)
Substation (fps STE only)
Blood Money (side scrolling shoot em up)
the Ishar series of games
Mega Traveller
Robinsons Requiem (you got to perform surgery on your self!!! one of the toughest games ever though)
eliminator a very good 3d shooter that is as good and playable today as it was back then.
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