Tell Us Non-Sega Genesis Guys What The Best Of Sega Genesis Are :)


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Mar 14, 2007
Let's recommend some great Genesis games!

Gain Ground -- This one is actually my favorite game, ever. Great fun co-op.
Herzog Zwei -- Arguably the very first RTS created, and arguably the BEST 2-player versus game ever created. (I'm hoping this game will actually play on the Pandora, where on the GP2X you couldn't see any sprites)
Rocked Knight Adventures -- One of the best platformers of the Genesis.
Pirates! Gold -- A remake of Sid Meier's classic. One of the greatest open-ended games ever created.

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Gunstar Heroes, might even go dig out my GP2X and have a bash right now
High Seas Havoc - Platformer - A very challenging platform game by Data East, with great art and a wonderful soundtrack. Don't be fooled by its looks - this plays more like a Mega Man game (without the shooting) than anything else. (This was released in Japan as "Captain Lang", and in PAL regions as "Capt'n Havoc". Avoid the PAL version, because the publisher, Codemasters, removed the first level of the game for no good reason.)

Sparkster - Rocket Knight Adventures 2 - Platformer - This sequel is not very much like the original game. It puts more focus on the controllability of the rocket-pack than the original game did, which allows much more flexibility in how you play. (There is a related SNES title by the same name, but without the "Rocket Knight Adventures 2" subtitle - however, they are both completely different games.)
Shining Force II: Do you love tactical rpg combat a la Final Fantasy Tactics? PLAY THIS GAME! The character list is a tad long by the end but it is a fantastic game.
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Shouldn't be stealing titles fool!

Got any Genesis games you love and would like others to give a go?
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Gunstar Heroes - Sidescrolling run and gun. One of my favourite games of this type ever made. Fast, frantic, and brilliant bosses, like all Treasure games. Speaking of Treasure games...
Alien Solider - Another Sidescrolling run and gun. Insanely difficult, one of the hardest games I've played on the Megadrive.
Mega Turrican - Sidescrolling run and gun with platforming elements. Reminds me a bit of Contra, Megaman, and Metroid. Good music too.
Sonic 1,2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic CD - Platformers. Everyone knows what these are, I'm sure, but if you've never played a Sonic game, give these a spin ;)
Streets of Rage 1, 2 and 3 - Beat 'em ups. Brilliant games, brilliant soundtracks. If you want to just play the best one, for for the second one.
Golden Axe 1, 2 and 3 - Another set of Beat 'em ups. Classic Sega gaming, although I've heard the arcade version of GA1 is better, so pick it up on MAME if you can.
Shinobi III - Hack and slash platformer, I suppose. Better than it's predecessor, The Revenge of Shinobi, but that's also a good game.
Rings Of Power - Isometric medieval fantasy RPG. A bit hard, I never got to the end, but I still found it entertaining. Sadists will like this, as you can attack anyone. :p
Comix Zone - Side scrolling beat 'em up set in the panels of a comic book. Very inventive as the character jumps between and rips through the panels of the comic.
Kid Chameleon - Old School Platforming, similar to Mario. Use different suits to gain different powers.
Snatcher (Mega CD) - Visual novel/point and click is the best way I can describe this I suppose. Really great and engaging plot, and half-decent voice acting.
Thunder Force III - Side scrolling shump like R-Type.
Rocket Knight Adventures - Haven't played the first one like Prometheus suggested, but this one is still a blast to play.
Wonder Boy in Monster World - Side scrolling action RPG. I really, really like this game despite it being a bit clunky.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head right now. Enjoy! :)


Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion is an absolute classic. Still good today.

Oh hell yes, I remember getting that for my birthday when I was around 10 or so. Also look out for Quack Shot starring Donald Duck and World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Can't believe Disney used to actually make really good games.
They didn't - they licensed other people to do so. ;) Which reminds me;

Mickey Mania - The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse - Platformer - A game that sends the modern-day Mickey Mouse on a quest through a collection of his classic cartoons in order to rescue his faithful dog, Pluto, and defeat Big Bad Pete. Features great touches such as a level that begins as a grainy old hairline-covered black and white film-strip, and gradually changes to full colour.
Mickey Mouse in The castle Of Illusion - Platform
FlashBack - Platform Adventure
Revenge Of Shinobi - Platform Adventure
Streets Of Rage (especially #2) - Scrolling beat'em-up
RoadRash - Motobike racing with attitude
Desert Strike - Helicopter gunship arcade shooter
Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Flicky - Platform
Alien Crush/Crash - Pinball+
Devil Crash/Crush - Pinball+
Sonic The Hedgehog - Platform
Terminator CD (not to be confused with crap cart version) - Movie tie-in
Solpheed - 3D space shooter
Batman Returns CD - Movie tie in
Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure - Psycho Fox remake/remix. Totally ace
Ghouls 'n Ghosts - Platform adventure
Super StreetFighter II - Beat'em-up
Mortal Kombat II - Beat'em-up
Golden Axe - Scrolling beat'em-up
Krusty's Super Funhouse - Platform game based on the Simpsons' Krusty The Clown
OutRun - Racing
Rainbow Islands - Platform
Sensi Soccer - Sports (football)
Zombies Ate My Neighbours - Adventure
Alien 3 - Movie tie in

To name just a few...
Some games I recommend:
Altered beast
Alex Kidd: enchanted castle
Streets of rage 2 or 3
Shinobi 3
Ultimate mortal kombat 3
Zombies ate my neighbors
Michael jackson's moonwalker
Any of the Sonic the hedgehog games

There's alot more I didn't list, and even more yet that I haven't played, but I loved these games growing up and still do today.

Edit: Oh yeah, there's one more game I forgot to mention. A brand new game called Pier Solar. US version is sold out, apparently there are still Jap versions available. The only thing that changes between the different versions is the box art, so it should still work fine.
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I'm a big fan of Phantasy Star Great rpg!

Great games. I've played through 1 (SMS) 2 and 4, skipped 3 because of *idontremember* ^^"

Of Course NO Megadrive without Sonic! I like every "classic" 2D Sonic. 1, 2, 3 and Sonic&Knuckles (Part 3.5 or so)
Megadrive Rocks! And I mean this literally:

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Biohazard Battle - Excellent Shooter
Raiden Trad - Another great shooter
Battletoads - Action
Contra Hard Corps - Action
Castlevania Bloodlines - Love this one
Landstalker -

edit: btw. can anyone make a video of this game on the pandora please? The directional keys will be tested
Aero Blasters/Air Buster - awesome shooter, super-fast.
Alisia Dragoon - side-scrolling action, Rastan with a dragon-aided gal ;)
Arcus Odyssey - isometric action/RPG-lite.
Beyond Oasis - top-notch cartoony Zelda.
Castlevania Bloodlines - up there with the best of them.
Chaos Engine - great Amiga port of the steampunk Gauntlet.
Comix Zone - unique comic-based beater, as in you star IN a comic book.
Ghouls N Ghosts - one of the best versions of this classic.
Dragon's Fury - horror pinball.
Eliminate Down - super space shmup.
Flicky - Flicky! Go chicks!
F1 - version of the Amiga's excellent Vroom.
Gauntlet IV - perhaps the best Gauntlet ever? Adds an RPG mode.
Ghostbusters - simple platform shooter, but I have great memories of it.
Gynoug - interesting shmup where you play a winged man.
Kid Chameleon - platformer that stands out from the pack, transform into many different characters using masks.
King's Bounty - strategy game where you recruit a fantasy army full of creatures.
The Ooze - bizarre game where you control toxic ooze...
Puzzle & Action: Tanto R & Ichidant - precursors to Made in Wario style rapid-games.
Quack Shot - doesn't sound it, but a quality platformer.
Revenge of Shinobi - the best Shinobi game?
Scooby Doo Mystery - surprisingly, done like a SCUMM game!
Shining Force 1/2 - seminal strategy RPGs.
Snow Bros - because I love Snow Bros.
Soleil - good Zelda clone.
Splatter House 2/3 - horror-themed beaters, play as a Jason rip-off.
Steel Empire - steampunk shooter.
Streets of Rage 1/2/3 - benchmark beaters.
Super Hang-on - oldie but a goodie, fast motorbike racing in arcade style.
The Tick - fun beat 'em up.
Toejam & Earl - probably my favourite Genesis game from the day.
Truxton - classic vertical space shmup.
Undead Line - reminds me a bit of Gain Ground but scrolling.
Wonder Boy 5 & 6 - adventure platformers in the Super Wonder Boy in Monstr Land style.
X-men 2: Clone Wars - surprisingly decent game tie-in, select various characters and levels.