Tegra K1 Announced - K1 Dev Board and Linux Now Available


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Jan 23, 2011
Nvidia have announced that the Tegra K1 (5) will be appearing in devices this year. It will initially come in 2 flavours :


 a 32-bit option with a 2.3GHz "4-plus-1" A15 CPU and

 a 64-bit unit with a 2.5GHz dual-coreDenver CPU

Here's some details they released:

192-core GPU based on the Kepler architecture 

support for Unreal Engine 4 , OpenGL 4.4 and DirectX 11

Story here: ->   http://www.engadget.com/2014/01/05/nvidia-tegra-5/



If you've got time to burn, here's the Nvidia CES presentation, a lot more video and details on it, you can probably skip the PC card bit


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Nvidia are saying that devices powered by the Tegra K1 SOC will be out before the end of June.

I suspect a Shield 2 powered by one of these will be one of the first devices to come out around that time.
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What the f!@#@$#@$k!  This will take part of my savings for PYRA! :( :)

Dolphin full speed anyone? :)   PS2 and Saturn may all run full speed as well!  Yes! :)

I hate to say this but if NVidia adds physical keyboard to Shield 2 running Tegra K1, then it's a real kick in the ass for PYRA.  Ed, you better move fast and release PYRA before NVidia releases Shield 2 "with a real keyboard"  :)
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This will be a real hard time for the Pyra.

At least when it comes to processor power.
What can be said/sure is that every owner of a Pandora will buy a PYRA.....if it comes out before Shield 2, but not totally true the other way around.

I'll buy both though doesn't matter it's before or after, but I'd like to see PYRA first though  :)
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I've done some research.

Seams like power consumption at full load is about 5 Watt.
I don't see an issue with the Pyra here.

Unless nvidia decides to switch to Linux, the Pyra still has the advantage of being a full Linux pocket PC.

Additionally it seems their biggest improvement is the GPU. That's nice for commercial games and all, but not really needed for emulation (except for full OpenGL).

For me, it's less competition to the Pyra than the Shield is to the Pandora... And that one didn't decrease my sales at all.
Impressive, but I'm still more excited for the Optimus board, for the price if nothing else.
Is the Optimus board available? how much is it?

I'd probably prefer the power of the K1 though, Linux on the K1 makes it doubly inviting
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It's not yet available, but it's been announced for under $100. We'll have to wait and see what the final is going to be.

Allwinner has been pretty good about Linux support in the past so there's no reason to suspect it'll be any different on the A80.

As for power, they've been pretty silent about the actual clock speed, I'm just interested in true big.LITTLE.