Nvidia Announce the new Tegra X1 at CES

all three of those points are exactly what i was trying to portray. thus is why i was arguing his statement that says the mobile socs will overtake performance of ps4 and the like
And the Pandora sitting at 2W seems rather cool in comparison and that thing can produce some heat when it wants to.
I think the Pandora is one of the coolest running devices I own. My phone (similar to dual A9's I think) gets wicked hot in comparison when trying to stream video.
I'm rather disappointed in this trend. You would think there would be a wider spectrum of mobile devices running different SoC's with different focuses.

Everything seems to be pushing to the higher/bigger/faster. And a side effect of smaller/cooler/power efficient through smaller fab processes. It would be really neat if the focus at least went back and forth between pushing for power until it got to a point of good enough for most use cases, then hammer hard on making it madly energy efficient, then when you hit the next wall push once more for power then repeat. Rather than what it appears to be, in making it smaller and cooler JUST so you can push the envelope higher and hotter until it's board-line unacceptable then going for efficiency.

There have been a very small amount of specific devices (rather than entire lines of products) in recent history that seem to even sort of focus on sustained runtime, but even those that focus on it, is to only get it into a "reasonable" area like 5~10 hours, and focus on cooling solutions to keep the device out of uncomfortable to hold range.

Bleeding edge "MOAR ghz and cores!" sell better than a extremely below or average performer that gets a month of battery life and standby time on a charge and runs full blast at room temperature, so it's not that surprising things are the way they are.

What's slightly more disappointing and concerning is the pyra looks like it might be falling into this trend as well. Sacrificing one of it's main selling points to chase the same golden goose. I'm sure the pyra will be a fine device, but I'm just disappointed in the focus of power over runtime showing it's head here as well.
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Manufacturers still make dumb phones that will last for a week on a charge, and quietly sell a fair few of them even in the developed world, but people who want one of those know they do and don't need any persuading. What's disappeared is efficient moderately hackable phones, which is a shame, but fairly predictable, especially with hindsight ;)
^^That, low power SoCs do exist and ED has already stated that he can be hired to design, produce and market different versions of the Pyra. Just get a manufacturer to promise you 1.000 of e.g. a low power dual A7 SoC, fix a price with ED and start a crowdfunding campaign. As Exophase has stated elsewhere this will probably be slightly slower than a Pandora on the handcrafted A8 NEON code in Drastic and PCSX, but could be a faster on average - especially on adequately multithreaded - loads while hopefully not using more power than a Pandora (depending on the manufacturing process perhaps even a bit lower). This could get you into 20h+ territory with the larger Pyra battery (without modem usage, obviously). Would be a good basis for productivity version with a more expensive keyboard some are dreaming of.