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Congratulations, Mr Twit!
Your IQ score is 140

Your Intellectual Type is Visionary Philosopher. This means you are highly intelligent and have a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a variety of different ways. Like Plato, your exceptional math and verbal skills make you very adept at explaining things to others — and at anticipating and predicting patterns. And that's just some of what we know about you from your IQ results.

Well that was easy.
Oooh, my 15 page personalized IQ report is ready now! 15 pages of full text from 8 pages of questions, well this doesn't sound like a scam! And only $12.95! Pass me my Visa!
hey quit bitching - it's only a bit of fun and I didn't really expect any of you to actually PAY for the full report :lol:

I'm not a kid and no one's forcing you to take these "dumb tests", for fun, yes?
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Don't feel sorry for yourself, I'm the cleverest 12 year old I know. :lol: :p
I'm not boasting though :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
I'll point out something. When you come across an IQ test that offers you something to buy, a certifcate or something, you can expect it to be easier, as they want more people to buy the stuff to show off.

And to be fair some questions could be seen as culturly biased. But nonetheless, very good scores :) I bet you can get the Condundrum on Countdown can't you?

I'm fucked if I can.
I don't believe in IQ tests. Took one in school once, it said that my IQ is 160 something. Which I doubt.
I got 122 though I didn't know most english phrases (hey, I'm German!) and neither some of the English words.

Also, in a REAL IQ test, time plays a MAJOR role - and there's no time limit here.
A friend of mine once said that IQ tests should be scored based on how many flaws you point out in the IQ testing system. He's surely a wiser man than me (not that wisdom can be measured, especially not by testing).
Congratulations, Matthew!
Your IQ score is 138

Your Intellectual Type is Facts Curator. This means you are highly intelligent and have picked up an impressive and unique collection of facts and figures over the years. You've got a remarkable vocabulary and exceptional math skills — which puts you in the same class as brainiacs like Bill Gates. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results.

If this test was accurate, I'd be able to get into Mensa :eek:

Too bad it's not :(