So Where Are We On The Roadmap


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Jan 4, 2009
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'Tom`' said:
'Phawx' said:
Yea, that''s why I put tentative before I said anything. Going ahead with manufacturing before CE/FCC Approval would be very risky though...wouldnt it? The reason they needed everyone to do Bank Transfer/ MO is because they didn''t have the money to produce the Pandora''s without our money.
Not sure why it would be risky - since they are not based in the US they do not actually have to get approval.

This is not true. CE approval is mandatory.


'TaG' said:
One of the posts that threw me is this one:
'Chip' said:
It's more to keep a close eye on the manufacturing process and tweak it where necessary than anything else. We already have all the necessary parts, but we can't afford to re-do huge numbers of boards if there is an issue. That's why we're doing them in smaller batches.

We already have a test program that will verify whether a board is "good" or not before it gets flashed and assembled so any boards that do have problems can be fixed. It just costs time and money to fix problem boards, and that is what we're trying to keep to a minimum.
Another post that cannot be taken literally, although with hindsight I think I know what Chip meant, but at the time they obviously had some fairly major parts missing, like keymat , case... You know, trivial stuff. ;)

Ah! They have all the parts necessary to populate the boards - but are missing the screen cables, keymats, cases and screws?
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