Should Pyra have a Camera?

Should Pyra have a Camera?

  • Yes

    Votes: 111 43.0%
  • No

    Votes: 147 57.0%

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Jun 5, 2008
we would need to think about the mounting. Sony had a weird laptop with an integrated camera: Sony VAIO GT PCG-GT1
I think such a side-mounted setup would be interesting. Especially if the camera can be rotated to face either forward or backward.

One possible way to attach it is to have a male tripod connector there such that you can screw on the camera. E.g. the cradle of the Mobius camera. You could flip the female connector piece to rotate the other way.

<edit>I doubt we have sufficient space inside the case to insert a female tripod mount connector. So, would it be feasible to drill a hole in the side of the case, put a male tripod mount screw through it and still be sturdy enough to hold up a small form-factor camera without breaking?

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Jan 5, 2008
I finally was able to get good speed and synced video/audio by utilizing ffmpeg and a better webcam that I had laying around (better than the $3 one from china I was testing at least)

So I am currently looking at this:

And setting my sights on a more basic solution right now. Basically make as slim of a case/clip as possible for this camera and give it a short 2-3 inch usb cable. Can then be somewhat portable and forward/backward facing as desired.

With the old camera I was getting 9-10 fps at 320x240. With the next one I am getting 15-20fps with audio at 320x240 and around 9-10fps at 640x480 with audio.

Is there a way to tell were the fps limitation is coming from? If it is the pandora cpu or usb speed, ffmpeg from the angstrom repos that would be aided by optimizations and native compile, or maybe just a limitation of the webcam itself?


Aug 31, 2014
It's an extra thing to push up the price and push people away from the Pyra. I vote no.
IMO it's far more likely someone will be "pushed away" by the lack of a camera (a standard feature), than by a bit more on the price.


Jun 2, 2008
I always carry a cellphone with better camera than the one we could afford on the Pyra. So not for me, I want the Pyra for gaming and desktop apps that do not use camera. And if eventually I would ever want a photo on the Pyra, I can take it on the phone and share via BT.