SHARK Tank with the Openpandora

Come on CoCoCreekFisherman.  Relax!  You have good intention, but truth is Ed's too busy and he could not read everything that's posted.  As you can see, I also posted some out-of-this-world ideas on P2 and people kicked me in the butt left and right for the unrealistic dream.  I felt bad sometimes but this community tells it for what it is -- THE TRUTH and ou know the truth hurts :D .  I feel bad sometimes and told myself I'm not going to get back to this community anymore.  But I miss it after 30 minutes of not logging in! Really!    So my advise to you is log out for 30 min and you will miss this community again :D
What are you talking about? I am not hurt. I admitted it was a bad idea...end of story. The thing that gets me riled up is when certain people mis interpret me and not admit they have. That is all. I could care less if ED wanted to do this or that. It was just an idea.

I do not feel bad at all. 

Thank you for saying my intentions were good.
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Scuba gear and shark tank rentals are expensive, plus you will need to water proof a Pandora and then the hard part convince ED to jump in the water.
Maybe by replacing the water with German beer?
So the purpose of this thread is to throw Craig into a Shark Tank ?

Great idea !!!!
Another issue nobody has ever touched on is neither ED nor Craigix is a persuasive person.

I would hate to see ED going on the stage while awkwardly being ripped apart by those sharks. (no pun intented)

What if they ask really hard questions, such as what happened to pandora at 2008, can you say that's not your fault, why are you helping Craigix and so on.

They would hammer ED untill only a tiny piece of dragon scale is left on the stage like the last leaf dropped from your once healthy apple tree.
I disagree.

Craig is a very persuasive person, but happens to be either dishonest or incompetent :(
That's why he has been able to persuade Ed time after time to send him Pandoras so he could sell them on his site.
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