Help With The Name Of A Tank Game - Atari 800


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Nov 4, 2003
Czech Republic
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Would any 8bit Atarist here recall the name of the game in which you controlled a tank from a top-down perspective? All I can remember was that you progressed from the bottom of the screen to the top and the screen scrolled along as you did. Also I vaguely remember some kind of a space shuttle or a rocket as a stationary object here, maybe you had to get into it or shoot it, I am not sure. The tank was either white or yellow I think. It is NOT Tank Commander. Many times I tried searching for any Atari game with the word "tank" in it and now I am not even sure the word was part of its title.
I would not say it was a hit game, but the thing has been nibbling at my mind for a few years now. Not all the time obviously ;) , but I am still curious if anyone might know it...? I can remember the names of most of the games I used to play on the great little machine, yet this one has proven to be quite elusive.