My attempts to contact email support has gone ignored for months.


Apr 24, 2007
edit: This should be in the support thread!

I'm an original 2008 preorder-er:


The last email I got a responce to from the Pandora team regarding my order was in 2010.

In 2011;

I sent an email at Aug 19, 2011 inquiring about my order. No response.

I sent another email on Aug 27, 2011 to No response.

I sent a THIRD email on Sep 9, 2011 to No response.

NOW, today (June 12 2012) I sent an email to the same address because I want to upgrade my pre-order Pandora from 2008 to the 1ghz one.

I really do NOT mind waiting for the Pandora, I realize there were/are production and financial problems, etc. But what I really do NOT like is that my inquiries keep going ignored. My order is with Craig. Emails can't be THAT backed up, right? I mean, its been months and months and I haven't heard a single thing from the company about my order since 2010.

What can I do?

- With love, a frustrated customer who wants to give you more money
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Pm craig via the forums here if he dont see this thread or use the ask craig section of the forums
My return/upgrade email was missed in what happens to be a very busy inbox... I just re-sent the email & PM'd craig, and got some Pandora love... It just takes a lot of patience and a smidge of judgement not to spam the inbox any more!
Honestly, I've never had this kind of issue contacting Craig's shop and getting a response back. generally get a response with in a day or two.. I've ordered two Pandora's, upgraded one and ordered an ICP and I had a few questions about shipping.. All with timely responses. I have to wonder if some emails are being blocked by spam filters.
It's almost certainly the case that google is not letting your emails though for some reason, we don't know why they do this but it could be Spam related.

Obviously we would not ignore emails, why would we turn down a 1Ghz upgrade?!

PM me and I can deal with it. Will also check Spam folder etc.