Rebirth or 1Ghz Edition

Don't upgrade from Rebirth to 1Ghz only to play N64 games. The reason most of them are lagging is because the emulator is badly optimized.

I've got the 1Ghz and most games still run very choppy, if at all.
The n64 emulator is not badly optimised! a hell of a lot of hard work went into it and continues to go into it. N64 emulation is a harder task and a lot more complex than most people think.
I remember there's one or two things that in the 1Ghz you can't do or work bad but I don't remember what exactly... can anyone direct me to the thread where I read those things ?
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Both are emulated but not at a playable speed on any of the Pandoras as it stands.  The only practical reasoning for upgrading would be to get more android games running smoother. but the 512mb of ram will still be very restrictive on the top android games.
Not really unless you have an abundance of cash floating about. The rebirth has 512mb of ram and so does the 1ghz version. And the rebirth clocks up to 1ghz comfortably so the only difference is that the battery life will be slightly lower on the rebirth compared to the 1ghz version because your over clocking to achieve the same results.  But when the battery lasts a stupidly long time anyway its not an issue. The only reason I would consider upgrading the cc model is for the extra ram, which u already have on the rebirth.  Like u might force out an extra fps or so on some of the more demanding emus but its not really enough to see a noticeable difference. The only reason the Pandora switched to the larger chips was because there more redily available and easyer to obtain compared to the old ones now.
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I'm personally not comfortable clocking my ReBirth over 800. play a few games, I would upgrade to the 1GHz.

But, since I have so many games I love working on ReBirth....why bother?

Just wait for P2 if there is one.

the only game I would really like that I can't currently play is Continental Circus on MAME...and I'm informed it will run on 885 Mhz. But I just won't try it, I'm too afraid to clock too high
I'm personally not comfortable clocking my ReBirth over 800.
Be comfortable. No perceptible harm will come of it. It doesn't overheat and burn out. Worst that'll happen is it locks up and you need to reboot, possibly losing everything since your last save.Notaz wrote a handy tool which incrementally increases and then decreases the CPU speed to find the maximum speed that can reasonably be said to be entirely safe.

The downside is that if anything actually uses those extra megahurtz, it will use up a little bit more battery power. If nothing actually uses it, if you have idle CPU while overclocked, the extra speed has no noticeable effect on the battery. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.
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The 1GHz does have faster memory and a faster GPU too though, and they can usually clock to ~1200MHz while half of the Rebirth units cannot reliably clock to 1000MHz (most of them can do 950MHz without problems though).
The 1Ghz is significantly faster for emulation and you do see a clear difference when you activate the 2x scaler for the PS1 emulator. The 1Ghz is MUCH more powerful than the Rebirth, even when overclocked.