GP2X [rant] Why Isn't Gph Embracing The Dev Community?

I know where you are coming from.

So? Where am I coming from?

If as much energy was spent on supporting our devs as has been wasted on this topic the community would be a much better place.

The developers who's rights are violated here are also "our" developers. Und you don't really support them with your post.
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Um, people, isn't GPH a 3 man company?

I'd think it would be quite hard to come up with any kind of organized CVS/code submission setup when there isn't nearly enough people to look over the submissions and actually make the decision of whether or not to incorporate it.

As for the GPH-making-money-off-devs issue, I don't care. If I write a game, I write it for me and everyone else out there that wants to play it. Not for GPH. If my game helps out their sales, its just more people playing my game. I think everyone is forgetting this.

Edit: Oh, but the GPL violations are inexcusable.
/me counts the months this thread has been dead..

So did GPH ever release it's Mplayer sources?
I wonder if this new board software has an autolock feature. I reckon that after a month without a reply it's pretty safe to lock a thread. If it's really important you can always start a new one and link to the old.
Don't worry, it will be released.
The problem was DignSys, they messed everything up.

AFAIK the new devs are porting MPlayer to the gp2x again from the scratch and will release the sourcecode when finished.
Still, doesn't change the fact that every firmware, up to and including 1.4 is in clear violation of the GPL. And where's the SDK that they like to talk about on their website?