Pyra Arrived! First impressions and issues

Well the Energy Saver Features on the Pyra aren’t that present yet , I know you can’t trust the remaining time the battery symbol shows but it’s still far away from the Pandora..
maybe when more Pyra are out in the wild, and the right dev gets his unit so Development on the OS will get some pushes
I resolved the touch issue temporarily. I saw this bug with gtk:
So I did the most logical way to get a newer libgtk version and I did a dist-upgrade to bullseye. :cool:
I can confirm the bug goes away and MATE works great. Upgrading to bullseye has a number of other bugs/pyra issues obviously so I highly discourage doing so. I figured I'd reflash the system later sa I'd already sodomized the base install with packages from Alpine and Void linux while tinkering with the wifi issue.