My first impressions of the Pyra

I wonder how good the Performance of the PSP Emulator might get, could be we get even 3D Games, GTA Vice City Storys on a Portable Console ? This will be cool and on cheap SD Cards, not on these over expensive PSVITA Memory Stick Pro Duo Successors..
And there is a cool Metal Slug Collection..
I just wanted to tell you how much I really enjoy your posts. Deep insights, helpful feedback and cutting perspectives no one has ever considered or heard before.

Absolutely terrific content. We are all the better for it.


Now that you have shared with us your wisdom, what next? What do we do with all of this rich and valuable feedback of yours?
lol y so mad. I'm talking about a device not about your mother lol

Based on what you say, you have to share your "wisdom" every time you speak. Ok. So where's yours? BTW, you have just confirmed what I said: "Hey, if you don't like something don't say it. Only good things are welcome here".

Thank you.
I wonder : how many of you first few Pyra owners carry your Underpowered, Ugly, cheap made and too expensive Mini Computer in your Pocket of the Pants like I dit whit the Pandora and do whit the Pyra?

Edit: I forgot „many „
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Homeoffice is where my Pyra is ^^
It’s quite practical although it’s needs the right work environment: whe are more leger dressed so, even Work Jeans whit big pockets aren’t an Issue..
The most of the time, I’m on the counter of our Store, and i don’t make that though Work so the Pandora and now the Pyra where quite save ..
let’s say I would make some other work , like on the construction side, maybe I wouldn’t carry the Pyra.. and there are also some other jobs whit Dresscode..
but as I’m free to decide my Clothes, I can pocket carry my Homeoffice..
Tip of the day: Shovel Knight runs fullspeed via Box86 and gl4es on the Pyra. Plays perfectly fine too. There may be a little bit of vsync oddity here and there though (not that Pyra output is vsynced in the first place). I think using legacy vsync mode in the game's settings is a bit better, but I haven't played a lot after trying that to say for sure.
So no big surprise, huh. Here's the tip part: The game won't launch unless you specify LIBGL_NOES2COMPAT=1 (or LIBGL_FB=3, but that gets you 10 fps), meaning your command line should look a little bit like this
LIBGL_NOES2COMPAT=1 gl4es box86 ShovelKnight

For reference, I used the latest 32-bit Linux build from the Steam version of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (it's DRM-free, I don't have Steam running on the Pyra).