Psx4All Released For The Wiz

aho said:
533mhz & FW 1.1.0
3. Kula World doesn't run full screen. Only about 60% of the upper part of the screen is covered. The image is squished.
I have the same issue running Civilization II,
only the upper half of the screen is in use, contracting the whole screen in about 50% height.
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Zodttd, I've been a silent follower of a lot of your emulation exploits, including the early versions of your emulators for iphone. I'm thrilled that you're here working on the wiz! Good luck!!
momosxp said:
i said already : NFS2 is fullspeed in game (i think.. maybe 99%)

Don't take this personally but I never take people seriously when they say something is fullspeed without an honest FPS meter that says "60" or "100%" or whatever really indicates fullspeed. Or at least this is always the case for an emulator where they're turning off sound. I've once had someone claim that something was running at full speed when it was running just over half speed. At least if the sound is going you'll be able to tell if the tempo is off or worse, fluctuating (or worse still, crackling apart)
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Mr 2X said:
Only one question: in this release, is it used the Wiz 3D Accellerator ?

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zodttd said:
FF7 probably runs well too once in game. (that intro movie is long and tedious!)

Good enough to be fun imho.

@800 MHz, sound enabled:
movies: ~28-33 FPS, not exactly smooth
in game, pre-rendered backgrounds: ~34-42 FPS (up to 50 FPS in some occasions), really playable
battles: ~26-34 FPS, could be smoother but it's ok as it is menu driven

Didn't get to the 3D map yet, that could be critical.
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Warriors of might and magic, squashed image in the upper screen.
Worms world party, 23-25'ish fps with no frameskip or overclock
Kings field II, 27-28fps in game, no frameskip or overclock
Wild arms doesn't run.
Has this PSX Emulator something to do with the PSX Emulator from Tinnus? I just asking because I don't have a WIZ but I will have a Pandora and AFAIK the Pandora PSX Emu is in Development nearly a Year which could indicate a very matured and "really" Full-Speed PSX Emu for the Pandora at release date...I hope... ^_^""
I tried Breath of Fire 3 and at first it seems to run good. But after the first Fight it got stuck but in a weird way, because the animation of the dragon goes on and on, so its not really frozen.
Without that bug it could be a playable game, since the fights are turn-based.
Final Fantasy Tactics seems to be playable too, other games i tried, are not so well playable (Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 ;) , Tomba, Diablo)

Keep on the great work Zodttd! :)
I've tried Need For Speed II, but when I click "RACE" in the main menu, the game freezes.
first of all thanks to zodttd for his great work!!
I've tried FF-VII and runs, not full speed but runs! YEAH!
Other games I've tried and runs a bit slow are:
- Tekken 3
- Xenogears
- Alundra (quite playable TBH)
I tried:

Silent Hill at 800mhz, sound disabled
movies: 30 fps
in game:22-25 fps
It has some graphic glitches, looks like can't load some textures, I don't know how to say it :/

Castlevania Symphony of the Night at 733mhz, sound enabled (JESUS CHRIST MY EARS ARE BURNING!! xD)
"movies": 25-30 fps
in game: 25fps

I didn't use any frameskip configuration on any of these games (I don't know how it works)

Awesome emulator by the way, you guys made an excellent work :)
Well done to all the guys who put the time and effort into this emulator its an excellent start.

I have tried 2 games so far:-

Need for speed porsche unleashed
overclocked at 800mhz
no sound
on intro's and gameplay i am getting between 25-28 fps
full screen with no graphical glitches

Need for speed se (NFS 1)
game will not load and freezes the emulator

I will try various other games and post the results later just need to get them out of the attic and dust them off. (I new there was a reason i kept all my old ps1 games).

Great job guys keep up the good work.
Well, PSX4all already seem to use the Warm MMU hack module, but it causes segfaults so I guess ZodTTD don't put it in the archive.

Parasite Eve only gave me a black screen. :-( It works with the latest GP2x and Hardyx Wiz version.

HYUN_DEBUG: pollux_audio_open()

It seem the emu can't read the label. I tried .img and .bin.Z.

I also would like to see a few more CPU frequencies selectable as in Hardyx version.
I don't know if it's related to the sound problem, but the Wiz don't like sound frequencies below 22050Hz.

Nevertheless: Good work!

wow Zodttd for a straight port of your latest code it runs quite well! Cannot wait to see what can be done having 3d HW support :) Are we too optimistic about thinking at a playable\fullspeed psx emu in the future if you find the time to add hw support and maybe do some wiz specific optimizations?

Many thanks for your efforts, it's a pleasure to see that you're still around!
I guess 3d acceleration could help quite a bit. After all it's sorta like having a second separate CPU which takes care of the rendering.
xteraco said:
I couldn't tell if its per-frame code, but if so (shudder) it would almost definitely speed things up.

Definitely wouldn't speed anything up noticeably. A few conditional checks per frame is not even a drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of thousands of operations that have to be done on both display rendering and CPU emulation.

xteraco said:
If we find a way to make full use of the 3d accelerator, I see no reason why we can't have a working N64 emulator as well. I know a lot of people say it can't be done, but if the PSP can do it at 333mhz, I see hope for the WiZ.

Unlike PSP, Wiz doesn't have an FPU, so emulating the N64's FPU would be very slow.

I don't know why you all are posting FPS when zodttd said the FPS counter is broken.
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