Psx4All Released For The Wiz

Crazyteknohed said:
aaronson911 said:
Hey I have question for those that have a Wiz and a Dingoo. Which one is currently better for PlayStation emulation?

Probably the Dingoo at the moment 'cause the frameskip works. Unfortunately the Wiz version of PSX4All is a quick and dirty port, and as such the frameskip feature is broken. Also sound is emulated regardless as to whether it's turned on or off, and this hampers performance. Theoretically, given the performance gap between the Wiz and Dingoo, a proper release of PSX4All for Wiz that allowed sound emulation to be switched off and frameskip to be enabled would undoubtedly be the better version.

Here's hoping that somebody decides to have a crack at doing a decent port :D

zodttd got his pandora now and wrote that he will get his hands on a psx4pandora project with an opengl capable backend. if this is done i think it's worth porting this one to the wiz.
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