Psx4gp2x Public Beta 2 Released.

hmm could anybody run rayman ?

i wonder about my rip, since psxseven doesn't launch it either :eek:
but my other rips work ?!
my rayman game only works perfect with epsxe (pal)
on psx4all it crashes at the ubisoft logo, like on pcsx....
would love to play this game, i hope this one gets fixed...
This is indeed sad news. I myself have had problems lately with my job. I lost it - but fortunately got the job back. So, that means that I will still be able to donate whatever I said I'd donate to you. Anyway, looking at the situation you need that rest so make sure you get it. It's quite nerve-wracking, waiting for a playable version of FFVII, but I've gotta look at it from your perspective and see the huge amount of effort you've put into this. So make sure you get everything back on track with your personal/work life first. I might chip in a bit of money towards a new 2X for you but it's a couple o' weeks till I get paid again.

Good luck.
Sonic-NKT posted on Jul 31 2006 at 04:29 PM said:
my rayman game only works perfect with epsxe (pal)
on psx4all it crashes at the ubisoft logo, like on pcsx....
would love to play this game, i hope this one gets fixed...

ah looks like same, i'm gonna try epsxe to be sure :)
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ok so im ready to donate for a new gp2x. Zodttd wanna start a seperate gp2x fund? You can collect money in there and then when you feel that ur life is stable enough to start messing around with it again all you have to do is order :)
Hi everyone,

The status of getting a working GP2X is that I currently am still without a GP2X to test my GP2X builds with. EvilDragon was nice enough to offer his help in fixing my GP2X or possibly sending a new one. I wrote him letting him know it would be easier on my end to not have to ship my GP2X to him, and just get a new one, since it would have to go through custom s and such. It been awhile and haven't heard back from him yet though.

I do however, have a way of testing builds of the dynarec. I've been using the Gizmondo. It's an ARM processor but based on WinCE, and seems to run about the same as the GP2X. I have been able to get rid of a few bugs in the dynarec, and I think it's due to some nasty bugs in the code still that are slowing it down considerably. So there will be a Gizmondo / PocketPC release along with a GP2X one when time comes.

I haven't been able to get in contact with Unai, but I think if I just slow down my pace of work as I've done for the past week, I can get my real job done as well as this project. I think making this project a sourceforge-esque open source project would be best though.

Shaun, Wipeout: If you, or anyone else for that matter, would still like to donate for a new GP2X, mention it being "for a new GP2X" in the payment comments, since each comment is read.

I actually have been getting some work done on the project, and tried helping Tinnus out with his psx4palm branch. :p If any major breakthroughs with fixing up the dynarec happens, I'll be sure to let everyone know. :)

So GP2X, Gizmondo, and PocketPC users, you're still in luck. ;P
Felt compelled to donate to both u guys (hope u got my donation/s).

Am very interested in this emu! Theres more than just games for ps, remember music2000? (basic music sequencer, anyone?) I know chances r we're not gona get 100% speed in 3d, but what if its just simple 2d + multi channel sound?

I finally got my GP2X yesterday and my 4gb Transcend card arrived today. Really like it but knew i wud as i've spent 2wks reading up on everything 1st.

Have great faith in u zodttd and una-i! Keep up the excellent work!
Goity, if only you knew the endless hours I was forced to play a game called Sticky Balls. ;P

stormyandcold, thanks for the donation! I received it. :) I really appreciate it and it will come in handy for getting a new GP2X. Wipeout was kind enough to donate towards a new GP2X as well. :)
Glad to hear you're a little backer on track, if still lacking in GP2x. And that the giz actually has a very substantial use - if it were only that little bit more open, I'd want to get one. As it is... I'll stick with the 2x :)
Thought I couldn't hold off any longer, really... small donation en route via paypal as I type. Towards the 2x if you've not got enough as yet, else for whatever seems useful at the time :)
zodttd is taking his well deserved break from the project. zod hows the vacation doing? lying at the beach? :p