Psx4All Released For The Wiz


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Dec 2, 2005
ZodTTD has released psx4all, a Sony Playstation 1 emulator, for The Wiz.

Download here:,0,0,0,71,171

It's working pretty well. It's not quite fast enough for me to find it enjoyable, but it's getting close. Perhaps others might find it good enough though!

Some notes on running:
- The psx bios should be titled scph1001.bin (all lowercase!) and placed in the same directory as the included GPE.
- To exit the emulator press both volume buttons.
- To enter the menu system while in a game press L+R+SELECT+START
- Framerate counter is all messed up, especially with frameskip on.
- There's no framelimiting, but I don't think it's required at this point. :p
- Sound works but probably really choppy. It's off by default.
533mhz & FW 1.1.0

1. The menu flickers quite a bit. Same goes for the fps overlay.

2. You call the menu button "start".

3. Kula World doesn't run full screen. Only about 60% of the upper part of the screen is covered. The image is squished.

4. Kula World runs at ~15fps, which is quite a bit faster than psx4wiz's 5.5fps (also @ 533mhz).

5. Startups a *LOT* faster than psx4wiz.

Looks good so far. Well done. :)
Hi zodttd!
Nice to see you back on the scene. Great first release.
I really hope that you and Hardyx work together to improve the emu...
What do you think about adding notaz RAM Timings and the MMU Hack?


[Edit:] Many thanks to RX Shorty for sending the Wiz to Zod! :)
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Hello Zodttd,
I'm happy to see again in the Wiz scene with this release.
I can send you my modifications if you want. This is a great day!
Send me a PM if you have any comment.
Great release. NFS2 is working almost fullspeed without any tweaking (sound off). And the games are starting faster.
But is there anyway to change psx cycle and psx clock?

Need for speed 3 uses only about 40% of the upper screen.

edit: and if you load a game you can't load another from the menu because he will reload the first one. So you have to quit the emulator and restart
Very nice! I think PS1 emulation is the killer app for the WiZ, at least for my wife and I. She can't get in to the retro games, so her WiZ doesn't see much use. Getting a PS1 emulator running fast and stable will change that.

I looked at the src for psx4all and noticed some things that look like they could be removed, and might result in fps gain. It seems a lot of checking is being done to see what resolution the emulator is running at. I'm guessing that this is so the emu can be portable across many devices. The WiZ only really has 1 useful resolution, so a lot of that res checking code could be removed. I couldn't tell if its per-frame code, but if so (shudder) it would almost definitely speed things up. PM me if you think this is a good idea. =]

Where is the source? Maybe I could help.
This is awesome! I can't find my crash bandicoot CD can someone post some numbers up?

Seriously though this is great and with the level of optimisation that may be achieved through the use of various hacks and the use the 3d acceleration I think this emulator could be quite good.
I'm going on a scooter trip today, but when I get home, I'm going to play Ridge Racer, and Intelligent Cube. I'll be sure to post numbers, or at least let you know how playable it was. If we find a way to make full use of the 3d accelerator, I see no reason why we can't have a working N64 emulator as well. I know a lot of people say it can't be done, but if the PSP can do it at 333mhz, I see hope for the WiZ.
The PSP will be using both processors plus it's MIPS closer to the N64's architecture. and the wiz is an arm processor. N64 isn't happening.
Wow, that looks promising.

@800 MHz:
Castlevania SOTN ~23-33 FPS
Ridge Racer ~22-30 FPS
Silent Hill ~25-29 FPS

Save states don't work for me, the app freezes.

Keep it up!
wow! What was fullspeed on the ps1? was it 30fps or was it variable like the N64? those numbers really show that with some optimisations this could really get somewhere!
Does this overclock the WiZ automatically, or is it a setting? (I don't have my WiZ with me or I'd look for myself).
I'm testing this out right now. So far all I've tested is Dragon Seed (don't laugh! it's just early on alphabetically in my PSX roms) and it worked great. Just a little slow, but fully playable. Haven't tried savestates or overclocking or anything, and I had the sound off so I'm not sure how good the playback on that was, but I'm willing to sacrifice sound for playable PSX games. This is exciting!
There is no big performace hit if you enable sound, great. :) It just hurts your ears :)

Devilmandex said:
wow! What was fullspeed on the ps1? was it 30fps or was it variable like the N64? those numbers really show that with some optimisations this could really get somewhere!

No idea, but probably around 50. At 30 FPS the games I tried are playable, kind of slo-mo, but not choppy.

xteraco said:
Does this overclock the WiZ automatically, or is it a setting? (I don't have my WiZ with me or I'd look for myself).

It's a setting, default is 533 MHz.
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Well done Zodttd for working your magic on yet another mobile platform. Keep it up, this is so promising.

As a gamer who's lived through 25 years of industry advancements and multiple consoel generations, I can tell you that seeing a once all-powerful, revolutionary, landmark title as Ridge Racer running on this tiny device is simply a marvel. Just incredible, this device is just astonishing.

In terms of performance, console O/Ced to 800Mhz: I've only managed to create one ISO from my PSX library - Ridge Racer runs without sound aat anywhere between 40-50 FPS (PAL Version here so full speed) during the Galaxians intro, through around 20FPS on the menu screen, dropping to on average around 12-22 FPS in-game during a one-lap test run.

Enabling sound whilst an ISO was loaded resulted in a load and garbled shout of white noise (which woke up our 6 week old baby, wife not pleased ;) , you mention that sound was functional but choppy, this doesn't seem to be the case for Ridge Racer at least.

Anyway, on to more ISO dumping I think. This could be a loong night. :)

Edit: Bumped CPU to 833MHz and gained around 2-3 FPS accross the board.
Hi everyone!

I was out and about today. Just got back and read through the posts! I will fix the bugs mentioned (mostly menu issues including the save state issue). I will also fixed the squished screen issue. It's a scaling mistake I reintroduced on accident.

Thanks for the support!

Hardyx: My sources might differ greatly now, depending on which sources were used. I would be stupid to turn down any help on this...even if it's "just" GUI work!

Some games worth trying are tactics/strategy games like Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics. I hear the psx Command & Conquer games run faster than most others too.
FF7 probably runs well too once in game. (that intro movie is long and tedious!)
Games like Spyro should work now though might be too slow to try.
Usually sticking to less action oriented games is better.

For performance increases maybe Exophase can give me some ideas for the dynarec. One bug I will have a hard time fixing is the software rasterizer GPU that has a performance modification that landed up making games (especially text) seem squiggly. It's a fixed point accuracy issue from what I remember.

If you find a game that runs comparatively well on this emulator, please let others know here! :)

Thanks again,
I tried Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and Wipeout XL. All three run decently, but just a tad too slow to really be playable IMO. Absolutely amazing that they even work that well, though. I must applaud you, Zod. I'll perhaps "obtain" some more games and test them tomorrow if I have time.