Psp Video Via *ms*


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Feb 9, 2004
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ok.. origannaly I planned on getting a psp just for commercial games, no homebrew or even video features ( got my gp32 for that ). nut after watching some of the previews on the smaple disk that came with it, I was BLOWN away. I quickly encoded a small 1:30:00 long commercial me and my friends made in school and was even more blown away. Unfortunatly, that took up 19mb of the 30 on the mem stick that came with the psp. I encoded it on the highest setting in PSP Video 9 though. Anyways, How big of a memory card should I get to watch full length movies on? I saw that 256mb ones wer $30 on but then 512mb ones shot up to around $70. Would a 256 be alright for movies?
i bought that 256mb stick from circuitcity :D
anyway, i don't think it's enough for watching a movie, maybe the least you'll want for that is a 512mb card. also, the best deals for these rip off memory sticks are found online so you should do your searching there.

i use my 256mb stick for homebrew stuff only, and i don't plan to buy a higher capacity stick unless the prices drop or a homebrew media player is developed that'll allow you to play those h.264 avc videos that have awesome quality and compression like the umd stuff.
if a movie can fit on a 128mb smc with relatively good quality, why couldn't it fit on a 256mb card with better than GP cinema quality?