New Psp 1.5 Hacks *single Ms*

The homebrew pack has been updated. He writes about it:

“I have added the following:
– PCEP - Update
– PSPPacman
– PSPuzzle
– BlackJack - Update
– VBAPSP - As requested by AlphaFox ;)

All of which are the latest current version as of 3:30am PST 23 June 05.

Get it from the usual places :)
There's no doubt that PSP Archive is far superior in many ways, but PSPHacker is always up-to-date with the latest releases as soon as they happen...that's the only reason why I use it...especially since the plebs and the admin on the site seem a little....I dont know...monged up.

Yep, at the time I don't have too much time to update (though it usually is up-to-date every evening).
But as soon as Hando opens up PSPXtreme (which he is currently setting up), will be as up-to-date as :)

And then we need a Ninja Archive soon... :)
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haha, you wait bast, i'll try and be suitably underwhelmed

just for you

Screw you dude :D :p heheh

Seriously though, I hope now that the REST of you, the lazy ones for whom swapping memory sticks was so hard, are finally and truly happy :D Seriously though, I'm glad for you guys and for ALL of us. We are so lucky that there are some really talented devvers out there hacking away at the PSP for us all, and that they came up with such a great work around for 1.5 PSP's. So that now the vast majority of owners can enjoy all these emu's and homebrews.

I myself am amazed at just how quickly this is all coming about... I knew when I bought a PSP it'd be a great machine for homebrew someday, but damn... I thought it'd be like... 1 year after release or something like that. Not 3 months later.

I'm gonna make it a point today to play some emu's out in the sun... since these games are so brightly colored and pretty basic graphically, I'm gonna guess that the problem with visibility in brightly lit situations isn't going to be as bad with emu's as it is with many regular PSP games.
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It just got that much better.... the latest PCE emu now supports CD ROM games, including *drum roll please* Dracula X!!!!

It also supports the music files IN MP3 so the games don't take up massive amounts of MS space!!!
im having problems with the master system emu in that emu pack, even though i put the roms in the 'roms' folder it wont find them, what am i doing wrong? snes emu on psp is amazing, i really cant believe it worked. im worried that the next new game i get i'll have my firmware updated without me knowing though.
make sure the name of the two folders (with and without%) are as the readme says they should be.

for example i had the neo geo pocket emu folder labelled as neo geo pocket, not as the emu actually requires.
thanks for the help, but im a bit confused, in the sms folder theres a folder called roms, in the sms% folder theres no rom folder, when i start the sms emu up it has on the screen.....ms0:psp/game/sms/roms/...........then nothing, even though the roms are in that directory.
First we need to find out how to do 3d graphics on the PSP in hardware. 2D is easy, but 3D would be a lot more to figure out, and we certainly don't want to have to do it in software.
yuppo, but the wouldn't the official sdk help with that(i hear it got leaked).
hope it's not against the rules to talk about it.
Yup, but develope an app with the official sdk and sites don't dare to host your executable as they'll get sued by Sony, just the same as files created with the official (leaked) xbox sdk and ds sdk...

If you can prove you didn't use any Sony stuff in the developing of the app, then Sony can't do shit apart from asking people to upgrade there firmware to a version which will not run your app.
Well, there's Terrain Demo, which shows some BASIC 3D stuff (download source here).

Also, there's the WireBox and the WirePSP demo.

Though I haven't looked at them and don't know if they just use software based 3D instead of hardware accellerated.
if theres any stuff out the emu pack that i dont want do i just delete the 'folder' and the 'folder%'? is there any good homebrew games out yet apart from the stuff on the emu pack?
yeah, there's loads of homebrew games and stuff not included in those packs. just grab yourself the kxploit and convert the stuff yourself as it is SO easy.
check out for other hombrew games/emulators.

time to check out those 3D demos..