Finnaly Got A Psp

Exactly what I've been saying all along. They don't compare in anyway because the DS is unbelievably inferior to the PSP :rolleyes:
Yeah well... I've been accused of being a Sony fanboy enough times on here... really pisses me off, when really I'm just a hardcore gamer that likes just about every game there is (well, every good one anyways) and I do try to buy every system I can, and have loved every system I've owned so far. I've been accused of being a fanboy for being honest in that, as it stands right now... I DO like my PSP better than my DS... well why shouldn't I? What do I have to play on my DS that's so fantastic YET? Well my PS2 was my favorite system as well until Mario, Metroid and Zelda (not to mention Monkey Ball 1&2, Mario Kart and Viewtiful Joe) all came out for Gamecube in the space of a year, than which one do you think I was playing and liking more?

Oh, for anyone that doesn't already know this, not only can you play your PSP while charging it, doing so does not seem to affect the charging time at all (I get a full charge in 2-2.5 hours every time, whether I play while charging or not). As well, if you leave the adapter plugged in when done charging, your PSP will run directly off of the adapter instead of the battery... it will even say "Charging Complete, Power Source:External" in the menu. In case anyone didn't know this already.
Well there is no real rush for a DS any time soon, I would leave it until a little further into its life (about a year), because I don't see anything that special for a while (ACDS looks brilliant).
yep some damn good stuff do out for DS this year, at least... The new Castlevania, Mario Kart, and Metroid all look very good.

EDIT: got me another PSP already :D :p I can't tell for sure now, w/o my other one to compare to, but it does seem to have the darker LCD as well. Ah well... it's pretty much perfect otherwise, no dead pixels or any of the other commonly reported problems.
where/how much did you buy it? i'm contemplating on whether to buy one from ebay now or just wait till launch, even though it's not far off ;)
I got it from a local guy, value pack for $300. Bought a few more games for it too. Ebay should be a little cheaper than that by now, I would think? Last I checked there they were about $350. It's almost no point buying an import one now if you live in the US... yeah that makes me a hypocrite... but I've been missing mine too much since I sold it, and having the games (which I did not sell) and no system to play on was buggin me.... but otherwise, you're better off now to just wait for the US version to release, only about a month to go.

Rengoku is pretty good, btw.... it's kinda basic, but fun and mildly addictive. Great graphics and sound (too dark though, like MGA, especially on the newer PSP), easy controls, not hard to figure out in Japanese. I've also had a bit of a change of heart about Dynasty Warriors... though still not GREAT, it is fun especially once you figure out the whole strategy part, moving around on the map and stuff. Not UTTER crap like I once felt it was.
dynasty warriors...i couldn't stand playing a game like it for a minute. it's boring, repetitive, and lacks mucho depth. plus i have no patience for most games anymore...sigh. back in the old days i could really play games all day long
it is mindless and repetitive, except the strategy part... but it's good fun.

I have to say, for a PSP game, it looks kinda crap though... more like PS1, but that's because of how many guys can be onscreen at once... I've seen estimated 40-50 guys running around onscreen at one time... sometimes more, though when it gets really crowded (maybe 50+?) the framerate will start to slow down.

Anyone tried Senkyouu no Fafner? Looks interesting, a anime-robot action game... but made by bandai who, IMO, only make crappy games....