At Long Last My New Baby



Yes today was the day I received my new psp, after some setting up of the system and sitting down with a cuppa/fag to enjoy my first intro of ridge racers, I was completely blown away. The resoloution of this thing left me speechless, I had to turn on my GP32 to compare. Im afraid to say who won the battle so I keep that one to myself. This machine is incredible in every way and took me back to the first time I fired my GP32 up. I just couldnt beleive the detail of the graphics and sound was off the hook (as maxwell would say). Just before I received this beautie I did some research to find out what was possible homebrew wise (unfortunately I still lack a cable but not for long). Most websites stated firmware 1.00 was rare but cracked and 1.50 was the most recently cracked by some very dodgy mem stick swaping techniques (dont like the sound of much). To my disbelief I had obtained the 1.00 model from lik sang (oh joy). I cant say how good the homebrew is yet but another interesting fact was the possibility of backing up your commecial games to mem stick. Which has been done by all accounts.

I have a question though I hope one of you Gp32/PSP owners (like me) could answer which firmware is better. Do I have to do that stupid card swapping thing with 1.00. Is it better than 1.50. I hope so pls advise !!
I just picked up midnight club 3 a few days ago and it's almost identicle to the ps2 version!! Other than the long loading times it's my favorite psp game. well worth the $50 dollars if you can be patient with the loads! :lol: .

PS: sorry thought it may contribute to this thread :lol: