Prototype Production Run

so, next stop: greece! yay!

would love to see a c64c-beige case brought back from there
for the verry first selfcontained-pyra video, running
vice, playing last ninja. ;)
this is all sooo nice to read/look at, verry huge thanks
for this great update and especially to nikolaus and the
gc-team! :)
@EvilDragon: Nice, but remember that it will be xmas/saturnalia soon. You should think of HER too... take a break and such...
It might be nicer to see something higher-definition on the Pyra's 720p screen, the most obvious example being whatever DE is being used (e.g. XFCE) with maybe a browser window open.  Or maybe the hardware test utility, assuming such a thing exists.  There'll be plenty of time to show off emulators and other software down the line.
Thanks for keeping us up to date. I'm really excited to see one of the prototypes booting.

And the possibility to see a full prototype assembled within this month is astounding.
I think they'd both be thankful when the Pyra is released, so the sooner it's out the better.

My guess is, it does not matter as ED probably already has the next "project" (but not necessarily some kind of product) up his sleeve
I just want to thank ED for the amazing work!

And of course all the crew behind it.

And thanks for all the amazing pictures and documentation on how the process is going.