"Project Giana" Remake on Kickstarter

Try Rob Florence (biglime on rllmuk) or Peter Serfanowicz (spelling) both big twitter followers, both gamers. Rab is especially a gamer (though he might hate Giana for all I know).
Changed my pledge from the $10 one to the $60 one. Maybe if a lot of people do this they'll have enough..
Breaking 100K is a plus.

Anybody have an in with Brian Fargo, maybe he'll use that KickDown fund to help them??

EDIT: Just tweeted him and KS... Maybe echos of that would help?
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Someone should try to contact Notch from Minecraft. If he mentiones this Game in his Blog/Tweet, then it will be instant backed.

Problem is, contacting Notch is nearly impossible, at least not over E-mail (I don't use Twitter) But maybe some Twitterer here has luck enough to get his attention to Project Giana? And maybe also to Project Pandora? :D
This was being displayed next to the pandora booth at gamescom and chris (yes believe it or not he snubbed me when I said hi to him) huelsbeck was there too.
This is going to be close... I got it more coverage and I'll see if I can squeeze a tiny bit more from my contact list...
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With a begging email I managed to get it in to the b3ta newsletter (thanks Rob!), seemed to give them a huge push.

Just $10k to go - but only 2 days!

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Just backed myself.

Hopefully will get to the finish line..
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Ah, the memories of playing Giana Sisters on the C64... and that great SID music!

However, I don't like windows, so I'll have to wait until a linux port is made. It would be really great if they can keep hardware requirements down and make a Pandora port of this game!
Getting close....

EDIT: They made it!
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Looks like a lot of the game has already been made judging by the videos.
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