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Dec 25, 2005
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I recently stumbled over this:


Sidescrolling 3D Remake of Gianas Sisters, for PC, already looks pretty nice. ^^ I had no Idea that this project exised, it seems, they are already working quite a while onto this. Made by some EX Spellbound members and it seems, Chris Hülsbeck is also involved. :)
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OYG! Machinae Supremacy have announced they're working with Chris on it too! Screw the game, I just want the soundtrack :)
I never played Giana myself but it looks good and I'd hate to see it get shelved so I put in for it.
I will keep this on my watch list. In 15 days, if it needs help, I'll make a contribution, and help promote it. So far, it doesn't look like it'll need any help though.
This is getting way fewer backers than I expected. How often do you see new $10 games that look this good? I'm going to try evangelizing this to some people I know to hopefully get a few more backers. I'd really hate to see them not even reach their basic goal.
ED do you know Chris Hülsbeck personally ? That would be great if you could get a picture of you two together during the GC !!

Not yet, but as we're both in the retro hall together for a whole week, this will probably change ;)

The whole retro hall is working together to create a great experience for all visitors.
It looks like they will just about make the goal over the month.

The graphics are amazing, but I'm not sure if I like the music constantly switching like that, I suppose they have have an option to change it.
well don't have a credit card so i'm ruled out with all those kickstarter things (probably saved me a lot of money till now ;) ) - but i'd definitely support this
This could use some help in the closing days. Please share via your social network and help get the word out. IMHO, it looks like it could get funded if there is some last minute hype.
I did tweet it, I guess they need a tweet by someone with tens of thousands of followers.

I bet they wish they made the target 100k ...
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