Answer Me This...

If a big company were to announce a system like the gp2x, it'd get hit pretty hard by the big boys over emulation.
Yeah, we^H^Hpeople who use emulators on the gp2x are flying below the radar at the moment :)
I get the impression thata GPH are a very small company and have done a great job to get something like this produced in quantity; it's very easy to say 'if only it had 3d hardware..., etc"
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Recently, the developers of the Chumby have been giving away Chumbies to developers with cool ideas. Doing something like this with a cool gaming handheld would help too.
Various gp32/gp2x suppliers have been giving away consoles to developers for years.

Yep, I've given away over 10 or 15 gp2x to some devs, countless goodies like SD-Cards or BoBs.
Craig gave out the devboards when the gp2x was in development, AFAIR Jr2Swiss, Craig and Techfreak have also given a lot of gp2x to devs...
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GameGod, chill buddy, all I meant was that big bucks and a team of skilled engineers doesn't always equate to success. When things get designed by committee they don't always come out the way you imagine.

Competition is always good though. I'm assuming you know about the various XGP systems in the pipeline? If you want open 3D-based hardware that's probably the next likely source.

I agree, and I apologize if I appeared over-the-top in my previous comment. There's certainly a lesson (or two) to be learnt from those handhelds for future companies.

So the bottom line is, yes it could be done with a few sacrifices, but it would end up costing about ~£500 per handheld, which I don't think most people would be willing to pay. We need someone who has a big bank balance to support the project, plan the risk, and buy the components in bulk, and then find someone to make it.

Instead of the all the hassle and costs of the above, the GP2X is a good compromise, and you never know what they'll release in the future :)

I wasn't really implying an individual effort, but it's good to know that there's people out there with the required skills (ie. electrical/computer engineers). I was trying to get at the thought that there might be a viable business in making a new handheld (and by business, I mean something serious, not something run out of a basement.)

wait for sonys next handheld.

it follows that if the ps3 has linux the next psp will.

Yeah, PSP2 or the XGP might be the way to go then for future handhelds. (Although I'm willing to be money that the XGP will be vapourware... so PSP2 it is.)

And lastly, yeah, the GP2X is pretty good for it's price, especially when considering that the quantity it's produced in isn't that large. Another good point (whoever mentioned it.) :)
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Actually, I doubt Sony will want to touch linux in the future, especially since people got disc images out on the net so quickly because of Linux on the PS3. So don't get your hopes up there :)