Pandora Not Charging

First, try USB charging. It is slower than AC charging but should help a little identifying if it is a problem with the Pandora, battery, or the charger.

If you have a PSP or know someone who does, the Pandora uses the exact same AC charger. If you can find a PSP charger then you will be able to test for sure whether the problems you're having are with the charger or the Pandora. You can find official Sony PSP chargers for $5-$10 these days from a lot of places, so no need to buy one from EvilDragon.
It's working to charg thru USB but takes much longer time. The AC-charger does however charge sometime if the cable is in a specific angel so im getting more and more certain thats the problem.

Which PSP-charger model is it that I need? It's hard to find the old PSP-adapter nowdays, at least the original since I heard some problems with some universal chargers?
They changed the charger between the original and the later versions? Damnit Sony!

Yeah, you need an original style charger, not the GO or the Vita or whatever.

edit: to further answer the question, if it works sometimes that definitely suggests a problem with the cable, a weakness in the wire or something, a different charger will fix that. It could also be a loose solder connection which would be harder to fix.

USB is slower to charge because it's about half the amperage. If you have one of those 2A AC->USB chargers that you sometimes get with phones I can whip up a quick script (next week when I'm back home) that'll make the USB charge at 2 amps so it'll go as fast as the AC charger, just don't plug it into your PC or you'll have problems.
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I'd like to add to this that some USB cables do not work well (at all) for charging the Pandora.  My original charger quit some time ago and plugged into USB and no joy.  As luck would have it at the same time I was having problems with an external USB powered HD.   Found after trying 4 cables for the HD that the cable was the culprit.  Used the cable that worked for the HD on my Pandora and it charged as well.   Something to keep in mind.