Pandora stops charging

My Battery stops charging even at around 75% and it only starts again when I replug the charger. It was not a cheap one. Well and the Battery somehow does not go much above 85-90% if the charging indicator displays this correct. I suspect the 1000mAh my charger provides may not be enough for the Pandora battery, however, the (cheapo) stock charger that came with my Pandora also had only 1000mAh.
That may be a different issue of the meter getting miscalibrated which develops if you always keep your pandora plugged. It seems like the meter was designed for a phone-like usage where you keep it unplugged most of the time and only charge it when the battery gets low.
Removing the battery for 10 minutes or so and then doing several full charge-discharge cycles usually makes it much more accurate again.
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Nothing there, looks like you made it with USB connected and not after doing the problematic AC charging?
Yes, USB charging works fine so will use that for now. Thanks for checking the dmesg output.