Osama Bin Laden Is Dead


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Oct 8, 2005
I hope he at least got to own or try out a Pandora before he was killed.

They should have gotten Snake or Duke Nukem to go after Bin Laden earlier, because they would have done the job quick smart, but because they didn't...
It only cost US$1 trillion, 10 years, 2,340 coalition, 8,739+ Afghan forces & 1000s of civilians/innocent deaths.
Obviously it's too early for anyone to have a complete picture, but so far it seems a tad suspicious. No photos, no videos, no confirmation from anyone outside the US government, and... they've chucked the body in the sea! Looks like we'll see some actual evidence in... about Two Months?
yeah i thought its a little strange them saying they threw him in the sea???

why would you dispose of this guys body so quickly when you have been looking for him for 10 years and he is so infamous?
Apparently the burial-at-sea is a way to not enrage half the planet.

Let us not take pleasure in the death of anyone. Assumign this was bin Laden and he and his associates were infact behind everything, then .. fine, move on, an enemy ahs been defeated. But take no joy in it.

skeezix said:
Apparently the burial-at-sea is a way to not enrage half the planet.

Let us not take pleasure in the death of anyone. Assumign this was bin Laden and he and his associates were infact behind everything, then .. fine, move on, an enemy ahs been defeated. But take no joy in it.


+1, well said.
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SONY said:
Conspiracy theorists will have a field day with the, "Buried at Sea" Islamic burial reasoning.


The conspiracy theorists are saying something a bit different....

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Osama Bin Laden Is not Dead, he is now working for the CIA with a new identity, they had to fake his death so he could work for them

Do you think they will get an Oscar for best performance and do you think BarackObama will get an Oscar for best director

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I heard today that Donald Trump was asking for OBL's long form death certificate ;)
skeezix said:
Apparently the burial-at-sea is a way to not enrage half the planet.

Let us not take pleasure in the death of anyone. Assumign this was bin Laden and he and his associates were infact behind everything, then .. fine, move on, an enemy ahs been defeated. But take no joy in it.


This is a pretty good stance to take on things, which I respect.

I have shares in tin foil though and a belief in the proper rule of law in that innocent until proven guilty is a maxim that should be upheld and the abuses of the legal system that have come in the wake of T.W.A.T (Bush and his laws)are abhorrent and need to be dismantled for society to be safe from a power hungry industry of anti-terrorism budgets gone mad.

As such, my stance is that he has yet to be proven to have had anything to do with the atrocious September the 11th 2001 attacks.

The Taliban were perfectly willing to hand him over on a plate after the attacks, on the 1 proviso that America would provide a scrap of evidence that he had anything to do with it, as they felt they'd had him under good control and incapable of the unmonitored communications to pull off such a supremely organised event with such precision.

Condisleeza Rice and Colon Bowel promised a White Paper of the evidence that America holds(?) would be forth coming......I am still waiting to see this, as is the world (or at least anyone paying enough attention and not simply doing as Bush best advised...Shopping!)

The FBI has always been well aware of this total absence of any evidence against him, as his Most Wanted Poster has never listed September 11th as one of his crimes. When questioned about this, their spokesman Mr Rex something or other, responded "Well we don't have any hard evidence (i.e anything that would stand up in a court of law) against him for September 11th".

Bin Laden himself made 2 quite emphatic video declarations that he had nothing to do with it and that people needed to look within the US government itself for the answer, as he felt it lay within a small cabal operating outside standard remits with interests of a firmly zionist leaning. These tapes came either side of a more dubious confession tape conveniently found in a bombed out house in Jalalabad by US troops. The video's translation is questioned by Islamic authorities and the footage is too poor to truly discern if it is Bin Laden or even recent and not some mis-mash of clips of him.

Bin Laden was possibly a qualified engineer and the statements about "the fuel from the planes doing more than he had hoped in melting the steel" are pretty accurate, as no fires or steel fire tests such as Cardington, have ever caused such damage and he would have known that the Twin Towers were designed to withstand multiple plane strikes of higher impact force than they received that day. As a result I find the towers complete destruction suspicious but have no answer.

All audio tapes since have been confirmed fake by the best voice recognition labs in the world and the edited together video tapes of Bin Laden since are all of old footage or even have the audacity to use footage from a Channel4 docu-drama "The Road to Guantanamo" starring Riz Ahmed from Chris Morris' "Four Lions". Obviously no hot blooded US folk are going to watch liberal anti-war documentaries or films, so its perfectly safe for the US government to be that blatant that they are taking the piss with faked videos everytime approval ratings are low for Bush. Washington Post analysed the timing of Al-Qaeda tapes and found this stunningly obvious pattern too, they printed this....no one gave a shit.

What is known is that a number of Mossad agents were arrested on the day, dressed as Arabs filming themselves celebrating (potentially a PR video against Islam by zionists)and admitted their job was to document the events(foreknowledge), some were arrested with plans, maps, money and tested positive for explosive residues, some were caught driving a van with a mural of a plane striking the towers on the side (foreknowledge), some were arrested on the Washington bridge again scoring hits for explosives. All failed Polygraphs but were released after Ashcroft caused a dragnet on Islamic folk and they were slipped out of the country on visa violations.

What is also known is in 1993 the FBI provided the(real)bombs to a paid agent provocateur inside Ramsi Yousef's crew, who taped his conversations with FBI section chief Robert Anticev commanding him to "go ahead with the bombing" when he the informant questioned why real explosives were provided for this sting operation. So the FBI attacked the towers in 1993 not Islamic radicals. These tapes were aired on MSM TV news channels and in the papers, yet nobody gave a shit.

In 1995 Clinton was having trouble with farmers and conveniently The Murrah building exploded. Again TV news shows bomb squads removing 3 other devices from inside the building and the ATF were illegal storing large caches of munitions and explosives within the building. The physics alone disprove Tim McVeighs truck bomb from causing the damage to the building, which blew up from inside. Again despite being on the news, in papers etc... no one gave a shit, farmers and militia types were seen with scorn and the 1996 Counter Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act was passed, beginning the erosion of American Civil Liberties.

Troops were massed in advance of September the 11th on the borders of Afghanistan ready to invade and Bush had met with the Taliban at his ranch in the summer (round the same time Bin laden was meeting FBI whilst receiving dialysis treatment in a cordonded off section of a US military hospital in Dubai), to discuss the Unical Pipeline deal. He politely informed them "We will carpet you with gold, or bombs" if they declined, which they did and he did. Though he needed a pre-text and Hamid Karzai (former unical employee) got the job.

Opium production which was starved under the Taliban is now at record highs since our occupation and around the time of the Trans-Atlantic Liquid Bomb Plot (when Cheney had made an arse of himself and Blair was struggling with Scottish Devolution and revolting Labour MP's (aren't they all?)) Chris Murray the former UK diplomat to Uzebekistan (lost his job over revealing the plots details were forced out of a guy, by boiling him) documented how US companies have allowed for set up of opium refineries in Afghanistan, so for the first time, they now export neat processed heroin. Uranium and Lithium supplies (lets all get a Tesla Roadster) are also bountiful spoils of illegal occupation and Nuremberg violating Wars of Aggression.

The Anthrax attacks (on anti-patriot act politicians) and the fake Anthrax (which was posted earlier but delivered later) was of the Ames strain from Fort Deitrich Maryland (again well televised...no one gave a shit..surprise) was all that was needed to shift blame to Saddam and allow for the pre-planned invasion of Iraq for the 3rd time. Largely due to Euro trading for oil. World War 1 was an invasion of Iraq, incase you wonder were Gulf War 1 comes from and thought Poppy Bush Snr was the first.

The Anthrax coupled with the dubious and outrageous Ricin arrests in London at the same time (all that was found was coffee grinds, apple pips and paperclips in 2 bryll cream jars), saw that Colon Bowel was again wheeled out before the UN with a fake vial of non existant Ricin, to make the public believe Judith Millers yet further lies of mobile bio-logical weapons factories that Saddam clearly had access to. Which just like Rumsfelds imaginary armored fortresses in the hills of Afghanistan, housing tanks and little bedrooms for Al-CIA-Duh members (how cute those mock ups were, almost had me playing 'Where's Bin Laden'), have proven to not exist and not just once, multiple times.

So in my opinion Bin laden has been long dead from kidney failure and they have had a reason to finally kill off the boogeyman myth. I suppose birth certificate issues, killing Ghaddafi's family members with a predator etc may have something to do with it, plus you cant put a guy on trial with no evidence.

Obama is a shill regardless of birth origins or fluffing his inauguration lies so he isn't bound to anything as dumb as a stupid piece of paper or two, just like you cant impeach a president that stole 2 elections as he wasn't fairly elected to begin with.

At least with Obama they didn't do a Diebold (though AV voting in the UK on Thursday means, we now have electronic voting machines forevermore no doubt) as they just had him lie his eloquent little pants off to his ethnic minorities via good PR and the 'Audacity of (pretending to offer)Hope' which in Obama's own words are "that he is a blank slate that others project what they want to hear on to". So the NLP ideas of Conspiracy Theorists are largely correct about him and his speech making skills.

I don't agree with all the celebrating but to many these wars are just like more tribalist football type entertainment. Sadly at the cost of civil liberties at home, mis-use and endangerment of troops for corporate MIC profits and massive loss of life abroad.

I expect this is TL:DR or will piss a few folk off but like assholes we all have an opinion.
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That graphic's contradicted by the news stories. They say the wife was shot in the leg, not to death, and that she rushed at the Americans unarmed to protect her husband, not used by Bin Laden as a human shield.
Also he was unarmed when he was shot. And it wasn't his wife. To be honest that graphic reminds me of those old diagrams of the gigantic Minecraft-esque fortresses we were supposedly going to find in Afghanistan. I'm sure before long we'll find out the whole thing was fantasy just like those diagrams were.