Nintendo Switch

You want!??

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Oct 24, 2008
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The Nintendo Online + Thing is at least not necessary: whe Pyra Peaple can wait for a more optimistic Muppen64 Port, whe have enough Power for good N64 Emulation.. , and the Megadrive Games are also possible on Pyra ./Pandora/Gp2x etc
I ditnt played much whit the NES and SNES Games of the original Nintendo Online Abo , because they where also on Pyra ..
the Savegame Cloud on the other hand was quite useful, and is still as I have to download some safegames on the Switch Oled as I ditnt played every Game yet..

A 4K Switch is something you wouldn’t see in this generation, maybe the Konsole after the Switch..

The Joycon Drift is something i ditnt had yet on my Release Switch, maybe it was just luck, and I would suspect the Oled Switch got Joycon from a newer revision, which might got different nub modules..

The YouTube App works quite good on the Oled, although it’s lacks a bit power when you try to watch the video on 1,5 or 2 times speed..