Nintendo Wifi Network Up On 15 Nov

and the fact nintendo themselves said they didn't need third party support. That would be enough to piss me off right there and say, "well go screw yourself, i'm going to develope for Sony".
'Twould be interesting to see how Nintendo handled it if all third party developers said,' screw you then!' They say they could manage but i dont think several hundred million gamers world wide would agree when a year or so in revo only has like 10 games all of which are made by ninty
That's pretty much what's already happening. Nintendo is saying:
"If you don't 'innovate' the way we tell you we dont want you as a developer"

and a few like Sega, Capcom and Namco will say:
"okay we'll give a try with one or two games"

but most others will be like:
"I can't hear you over the soundtrack to True Crime 3!"
or something similar.
Real. It was announced yesterday in Famitsu magazine (i think or it might have been some other magazine) that those were actual ds wifi screenshots.
Screw the DS (I have one) im getting ready for my first GamePark experience...Ive always played on Gameboys and Ive tried a PSP (didnt like it) but I know the GP2X will kick ass.

*cough*If I were Nintendo, GP would be one the first companies Id buy out*cough*
Nintendo isnt really a "buy everything" type of company. Though I suppose they could do some interesting thigns if they tried a community developer type of program like Sony tried with Yaroze! but instead of killing it after 2 years tried to get it to work more smoothly.