new summer toy


Jun 23, 2011
Andover, UK
Well I've refrained from buying any pets or plants for a while whilst I saved up for my new summer toy, here she is

Well then have fun and drive safely.

Makes me sad the times of 2-stroke 125ccm engines are over. Would love to have one of those old Aprilias.
I was kinda put off by the old 2 stroke aprilias, undeniably quicker and more fun. But because I don't know enough about bike mechanics to keep one on the road, or the money to throw at the engine to keep it running. However if I knew enough about maintaining a 2 stroke its definitely the way to go.
I have every intention in being careful, in all honesty riding it does scare the sh@ out of me also, its got after market parts on it and the ecu has been tinkered with which has resulted in the pickup on it, for a small bike being unreal. I've got a decent level of self preservation and don't ride it close to its limits, only opened it up once so far. since I've got it I've been boring and just slow riding around built up areas trying to drill all the good habits like lifesavers and forward planning until it all becomes second nature, hopefully if I keep practicing all the drills for the next few weeks to get more competent on it I will be less likely to kill myself.

I really want it to rain at some point this week so I can get out on it and practice getting used to wet riding conditions just in case I get caught out and it starts raining on my way to or from work one day, I also still need to get some night riding under my belt at some point this week.
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Can do, I will get a mount set up with my old phone on it at some point when I get time. I was planning on getting a sat nav for it next month, I know they can be a distraction but my sense of direction ain't great and I have a decent commute to get to and from work, I think it will come in handy just to glance at now and then to make sure am still heading in the right direction. so should be able to attach a camera up to that mount.
What a tool, I've been leaving my phone at home when on the bike, I was considering mounting my note to the bike, to use its GPS. but the general opinion on line is the vibrations destroy the phones internal parts, and I would be pretty devastated if it shook loose out the holder and when flying down the road. I've got a cheep pay as you go phone under the seat just in case I need to make a emergency call, hopefully I never need it though.
And it happened. Just crashed the damn thing estimated £800 to replace the parts plus the cost of the smashed helmet and shreaded leathers, pretty sure the boots saved my legs as i slid across the road into a curb. proppa cr@p day off to say the least. feal like suck a tw@ atm, and no idea how to get to work tomorrow now either :(
oh dear, not good, though at least you are in working order still eh.

Good job you had the leathers and good boots, taking a slide is bound to happen sooner or later, glad to hear only the bike and leathers are damaged, not nice to be 800 in the red now but be thankful still eh.

A couple years ago an old mate of mine did a similar thing and slide into the curb, wasn't so lucky though. RIP
puts it all into perspective, sorry to hear about your mate, its a consious risk bikers take when choosing to take to the roads. i am ok thank u for the concern. I am so greatfull that as dumb as this might sound it went perfectly as far as a bad situation is concerned. Am still walking just ach like mad and scrapped up a tad. And the bike still starts its just a tad bouncy at the back so either the suspensions iffy or the rear tyre which is scrapped ups deflating slowly and the gear leaver is practically none existant now and the foot rests have snapped off completely, the rests cosmetic cause the farings a old race rep its way overpriced for what it is.
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A long, long time ago I had a 125cc Kawasaki, as a class of bike they're lethal in wet conditions (combination of light weight, low traction and high torque). Steel Manhole or drain covers on a bend may as well be greased ice.
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At least you're not dead and you were wearing leathers (I've seen a few people lately not wearing them).

I live next to a biker route, it has all the 'to die for?' signs and '75 accidents in last 10 months' signs (which Ed found bemusing).

Still, almost every month in the summer someone dies on a bike on that road. Crazy.

Yesterday I was overtaken at 70mph on a blind bend, in the dark!

Will you be getting straight (when it's fixed) back on and riding again? What exactly happened?
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ive got to ride it to work tomorrow, i have a nice 60 mile round trip. ive already replaced the headlight and bent the gear leaver into a usable position but ive got no footrest so the thighs are getting a work out tomorrow.

i was cornering round a long duel laned left curve in the outside lane with a people carier a of car and a halfs length ahead (yep too close am a dick) the people carier went over a piece of old road kill down the center of the road and i didnt register it drove over it already leaning heavily to my left and the bikes rear just slide out from under me. which was kinda a good thing cause i didnt fall far and just slide along side the bike into the curb and jumped the bike up on to the centre of the deviding strip/enbankment between the opposite lanes, again also good cause it stoped us sliding into the oncoming trafic. didnt feal a thing till 5 mins latter once id finish having the shakes the whole experience was kinda sureal at the time took a while to register properly.
Any debris/roadkill in the road is extra dangerous to bike riders eh, bike could've come worse off too then if wasn't at low angle you were.

You have to get a new lid now? Aren't they still only good for one fall/knock or has the tech evolved?

I've also seen a fair few tee shirt wearing superbike riding folk lately on the sunny days, people weigh risk with the pleasure and thrill of those awesome machines.

Those quads that a quite popular nowadays, you don't have to wear a lid for do you, bit surprised that isn't a law, not sure if you can take them on motorways
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there have been quite a number of bikers living in our flat over the years so there are some spares which r in good nick i can use for the mean time till i get some funds together, need to pass a driving test and get a car before the winter so this dont become a regular occurance. i could never jump on withoutgood protective gear, i was using jeans for the first day i had it and just didnt feel safe at all.

i really wanted a quad a few years back but dont have a full licence yet, iunfortuinately found a company which made custom build road quads that looked insane for a really good price, really fancy one still.yeah its nuts helmets arnt mandatory. should imagine they should be motorway legal if a full licence is required and the quad meets the minimum speed requirements. i.e. not a gammy 50cc street quad but a 250cc+.

i had a qo on a 450cc restricted quad on private property and the acceleration was nuts, was well fun machine, my old flat mate had one for a while but never gottohave a ride.