new summer toy

I've been on those quads once for a stag do, not sure how powerful they were but were definitely more than 50cc. Was on a privately owned farm so was able to rag it a bit, was a lot of fun and very quick off the mark as you say.

Would be a great summer vehicle.

I had my first go on a Segway not long ago too, they are fun, was restricted so couldn't go over 15mph though it seems a little faster when you are on it.

I'd love one of those for the summer, perfect for just mooching around the town or zipping up to the shop on, though unfortunately they are not road legal over here, or even pavement legal, strictly for private land use. We were riding them around a forest and I had the biker-scout scene from Return Of The Jedi running through my mind the entire time
nice wouldnt mind having a go on a segway to see how they feel.

been toying with some ideas and think once i have finished the minnor mechanical repairs and after i purchaced my next car (my last got nicked and totaled) i am hoping i can restore the bike to look like this except replace the silver with matt black and replace the rear seat with gold fairing and gold rims gold footpegs and mat black grips n gold trim with gold clutch/break leavers. And make sure i am careful as hell an not drop it. possibly have a tribal matt black dragon down the fairing where the r1 badge is in the pic. realistically cant aford it for about 6 months so got a while to decided and chop n change the design.

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That'll look super sweet! haven't seen that gold R1 before but looks the nuts.
id never come across it till i was looking about online 4 ideas and came across one and loved it. my mate sean works as an airbrusher in a body shop so gonna get the cheepest replacement fairing and he-l spray it 4 me at the cost of the paint.
Well a little update had all the mechanical stuff sorted out after the crash. Then was riding about 2 months ago in gailing winds and got blown into oncoming traffic, sh@ myself and threw myself n the bike off road. Now the right hand side fairings knackered and my ecu is dead (half dead) had to rewire the headlights and indicators to bypass the ecu to get them working and I've had no tachometer or speedo since then. Currently using a TomTom to gauge a rough speed.  I hope to replace the ecu on next pay day, then having a load of factory racing parts fitted April and the gold fairing in may. My nice cheap run about not turned out so cheap so far.
Lol, not to sound the complete moron but sliding down the road on Ur  ass is quite an adrenaline rush one you realise I've not damaged yourself. 

Unfortuinatelly its my only mode of transport at the moment. I can drive but cant afford a car and insurance atm. Hopefully will sort one out in a few months now I have some new jobs. 

But other than winters (with the exception of this winter) a bike will always be my primary transport now ive got the bug.  no more exhilarating feeling than when your banked over taking a line perfect on a bike.
Buy yourself an old triumph ;) ( from the 70s ) my grandfather has quite literally about 12 . With regard to that I think he likes them more than I like my forests , guns , litature , and gaming ( and that is really , really , really saying something !!!!! ) especially the matnence on those . Like having three 2year olds for every bike .
Them old school triumphs are nice bikes, i appreciate all bikes but am more into sports bikes if purchacing one.  Think there a tad more fun for riding. I thinking of going for a ninja 300 in a few years, am content at not getting past 115mph and like the fuel economy and the amount of technology which has gone into that bike appeal to me.
you know what you like in motorcycles I take it .

Good luck getting that ninja 300 :)
4th crash! Think you need to start using public transport or buy a car.

You could also buy a reliant robin which I think you can still drive on a motorcycle licence - no matter how they look they are definitely far safer!

My mate had 2 accidents in 2 days and after that just got a robin and sold the bike!
Sod that public transport to and from works £320 a month, petrol for the bikes about £80 :) didn't get a scratch or bruise from that one.  The first groans more out of frustration and the 2nd from trying to get a 120 kg bike upright again.

Unfortunately they changed that law regarding robins in 01 I believe,  so is only applicable if you got your licence prior to 2001.  Otherwise i would be all over a robbin, Either your mate got his licence along time or was driving illegally

I was saving for a car and licence however I blew up the engine shifting from 5th to 6th in November,  the repair bill was £780 plus the £320 I wasted on trains for the month and that completely cleaned me out.  So been forced into doing one more winter on the bike.  I was looking forward to the snow until this latest slip, little bit more apprehensive of riding in it now.  Remember last winter I did a 3 hour ride in the snow and by the time I got home I was coated from head to toe in ice, my landlord was pissing himself when I came through the door.  Never been so cold in my life.
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Maybe switch to a bicycle? That way you at least can't go much over 50km/h (unless you are extremely trained or riding downwards really steeply) and would maybe stay alive for another few years or so.
Am pretty fit but not fit enough yet to be traveling upto 100 mile on a pedal bike :) maybe one day.  Over winter I don't venture over 40 mph when cornering at that speed am relatively confident I won't kill myself (worse case a brake) my first was traveling at 50 probably dropped to 40ish by the time I made contact with the concrete.  And went into a concrete divider and came out with some brushing I bounce well.  Since then my crash padding has greatly been improved.   Use the same gear under my leathers as the fmx Riders Use When Their Jumping 70+ft through the air.  Look like the iron man once changed, downside it takes 20 minutes to get everything on over winter 
Ooh, the only way I would work that far from home is if I could go there by train. Though the trains here in Switzerland are (as far as I've heard) way better than in the US. And we are improving them even more, there is a vote going on just now to increase it's budget (more trains, more double deck trains, better rails to drive faster, etc.). I voted yes, of course. :)

But 100 miles by bicycle could be a fun one day tour. What's that, 160km? I haven't ever done 160km in one day, but I've done some 100km half day tours (about 4 hours or so) and I regularly do 50km/d in normal life (every Thursday, to be exact :).

Currently playing with the thought of maybe doing a two week tour to the Mediterranean sea or along the coast of the North Sea in early summer. Along the North Sea would certainly be very beautiful, but it would make it necessary to take a train twice (it's about 1000km to the North Sea from here, so no time to ride there by bike). To the Mediterranean Sea would just require a train ride back, but we should easily do the roughly 1000km to reach it. (Riding along the Rhine to the North Sea was last spring, so that's out of question. We didn't take quite a straight way, so it was 1200km in 12 days at temperatures around 0-5 degrees Celcius. I'm never doing that long of a bike tour at those temperatures again, though it was fun anyway: It never rained and seldom snowed.)
I've been told before, but I stick to it being fun and nothing else. I would never just exercise for the sake of it.

Edit: Especially some Germans have told me I was mad, but they also generalized it to me being a Swiss. Oh, how those Germans like their racism, I mean, nothing against Germans, but they are just all exactly the same... :-D

(this reminds me of that time someone asked me (for some reason, don't know anymore) whether I didn't like foreigners or blacks or something and I told him with (with a straight face and voice) yes, I just couldn't stand or see and them and just ugh in general - and I think he actually believed me and continued conversion with me like usual. I didn't bother to explain myself, that kind of person isn't worth it.)
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