Any1 going to any Gigs this Winter?


May 27, 2003
Durham, England
Just wondering if anyone was going to see any cool bands/groups this summer. Around my local area (Newcastle ish) there is a fair few going on and i've already got tickets for Iron Maiden and Alkaline Trio. :D
sweet, id love to see alkaline trio live. i first heard them on the first atticus cd if uv got it and got hooked. I went to see spunge live the other day, they were pretty cool :D. and, as i live in devon, home to muse, they did a suprise gig in the place i usually go to hang out but i managed to be on holiday while they did it! noooo...
Iv just this second got home from a Limpbizkit concert and it was GREAT!!

i was face to face with fred and i got a signed plec from him.

defenatly a gr8 band to go and c
Well, I'm hopefully seeing Dream Theater in London in January... should be rockin' :)
Alkaline trio is ok live I have seen them more times than I can remember. Its to bad that their new album is crap though. That band hit their peak when they released maybe I'll catch fire but its all gone down hill since then. I just saw reggie and the full effect last week it was a silly show but fun none the less.
I'm going to see Placebo in october, Radiohead in november, Danko Jones and Clouseau in december, all in Belgium.