New .next image, help needed

Compiling isn't the problem, it's more the shell scripts and any other stuff it calls. You won't find out about those untill you actually run the program.

Almost everything in OE is optional, you get a completely stripped down image by default, and have to add every single bit that you expect to be there in any normal distro.

And sometimes the thing does exist, but it's using the slightly more limited busybox version instead of the real one.

It's not that hard, it just takes a lot of time.
to build the image and help the hacking :

First setup a build environnement :

mkdir next;cd next
git clone -b angstrom-v2012.12-yocto1.3 .
MACHINE=openpandora ./ config openpandora

You might want to edit conf/local.conf to setup the parrallel level for the build.

PARALLEL_MAKE set the maximum number of (gcc) process make will use in front

While BB_NUMBER_THREADS is the maximum number of task bitbake will try to do in front.

Default value are good for a quad-core. Be warned that it also mean that you might have as much as PARALLEL_MAKE * BB_NUMBER_THREADS process on your host willing 100% of a core/thread.


To work, bitbake requiere that you're working dir is that "next" directory created in the setup part. I'll strongly suggest that you edit  . ~/.oe/environment-angstromv2012.12 to add a cd to that directory, else you'll need to do it manually anyway.



To build :


. ~/.oe/environment-angstromv2012.12

cd path/to/next # or done in the envrionnement file

bitbake -k op-xfce-nm-image

(be warned this will run for about 6-8 hours... Just creating the root-filesystem and zipping it take 45mn on my machine)

Once you have setup the environnement file ou can use :

bitbake -b path/to/the/bb/file/to/ -f -c clean

bitbake -b path/to/the/bb/file/to/ -f -c build


To either clean or build the package you're working on (it will skip the dependency checking this way which help the speed of the bitbake beast)


Also if you interrupt it remove the bitbake.lock file ;)


Once you have something helpfull hang on irc and poke aTc ;)


Good hacking boys (and girls)
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Great to see this much progress happening with .next development you guys .. if I had the disk space, I'd download another copy of OE and go for it. ;)

thanks for that, I was hitting a brick wall right out of the gate with the old outdated build tut for the original OS. This is working great so far and much easier to understand, (mostly automatic build) I want to try and port this to a different armv7 handheld I have kernel source for. Looks like this is already setup for multi platform which is great. If I get it working, I'd like to contribute, I may have to get with one of you guys to see if I can get my platform changes merged once complete.
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If you'd post some updates here I think there would be much more interested people who help you.

I don't mind to try out such early releases and report bugs.

Make the PND system working and I'm hapy.
I would if I had anything to post about. Not much has happened since the last image really.

Just keeping the angstrom and openembedded side of things going is quite a lot of work.

And posting updates would make it look like things were actually progressing, which they aren't. :)

Thing is, we need people with a bit more skill than just running an image.

Just reporting that something doesn't work isn't really good enough, I need to know WHY it fails to be able to fix it, and that requires quite a bit of low level digging.

It takes an enourmous amount of time to do that, since most of the time all you get as an error message is some useless "something's wrong!" from something at the end of the chain.
I would if I had anything to post about. Not much has happened since the last image really.

Just keeping the angstrom and openembedded side of things going is quite a lot of work.

And posting updates would make it look like things were actually progressing, which they aren't. :)
That's not the point.

People tend to forget or ignore stuff if they don't get some updates from time to time.

Maybe some skilled person might get interested if there would be some more posts.

Telling nothing is the worst thing to do if you want some help :) .
I've downloaded and launched the new image here :

There is a lot of work to get something fully usable at the moment, atc have you made a kind of todo list ?

From what I've seen after 30minutes of use, Wifi is not working, network-manager is running and the wifi module is loaded but I can't get any connection, Nubs are not configured as mouse, the touchscreen is not as responsive as it should, and that's only a quick first run.

I really want to help with this, I'm a system administrator and a debian user since 10 years now, I will try to setup a buid environment and see what I can do.
Unless someone has a better idea (do have webspace enough to run whatever tracking/notemaking thing you want), I'll try to make a page on the pandora wiki with all the issues and possible fixes.. that should be easier to handle than that awful bugtracker :)

anyway, wifi and networkmanager both work, its just that there's a permission problem, probably related to consolekit, that causes it to not work properly. Running the nm-applet under sudo doesn't help, you just have to run nm-connection-editor as root and enter the wifi details manually there, it works fine after saving it there.

Think this is caused by OE just assuming everything always runs as root on embedded devices.

nubs just go to their default state now, its probably because its not reloading the pandora specific settings, either because the init script isn't run by systemd, something going wrong, or me not having copied the recipe to v2012.12

I never noticed enough difference with the touchscreen to bother researching it any deeper, i think there were some ts modifications a while ago that i might not have ported over to .next... Only thing is that the xfce mouse settings doubleclick time is set way too fast, so it can be a bit of a struggle to doubleclick stuff unless you set it to >500 ms

And there are far deeper things wrong than just these.. read through the posts here to find some more.

audio magically fixed itself with the latest kernel update luckily, so that's one problem less.
That's what I mean :) .

Tell more people about your efforts and some will help you.