.next alpha image

After booting up, "swapon -s" would show if your swap partition was mounted.  Also "systemctl --no-pager --full --all --type=swap" would show if systemd had a job for it.
swapon -s reports /dev/zram0 as type Partition, however, size reports as "128532", when GPartd reports my partition as 3.02GB. Though I just noticed GParted has a "SwapOn" option on my partition, and it looks like I've just activated it.

So what's this other one? Should I try and disable it now I've activated my full partition one?

For the active session.

Once you reboot, it's gone. You need to tweak fstab.
/dev/sda2 none swap defaults 0 0

That's what I use on my Arch Linux.

Shouldn't it work vine here as well?

Of course /dev/sda2 has to be replaced with your swap partition.
Cheers guys. I've changed fstab.

I didn't see zram0 in there, how can I disable that, or shouldn't I?

.next never seems to shut down on me any more, I always have to soft-reboot, and if I hold down the right shoulder, I can catch it before it boots back up and hit Power Off from there.

Also, I've just started Audacious up for the first time, and I get "No suitable mixer element found. snd_mixer_find_selem failed.". I also can't play anything using ALSA, I have to switch to SDL (OSS worked too).
zram is a special case, as the "swap partition" has to be created anew with every boot, so it is activated in  one of the startup scripts

Loading an SD based swap partition with fstab would need to be done individually by anyone who sets one up, so should not be in the image.

- Neelix
I didn't see zram0 in there, how can I disable that, or shouldn't I?

.next never seems to shut down on me any more, I always have to soft-reboot, and if I hold down the right shoulder, I can catch it before it boots back up and hit Power Off from there.
It's failing to shutdown more often than not for me too. Maybe it's just something in this latest image, because it never happened to me before.

For now, I've disabled zram.

You can do this by commenting out the entry in /etc/modules-load.d/openpandora.conf. It's probably best to do this whilst booted into the NAND OS (i.e. access it via /media/SDCARD/etc/modules-load.d/openpandora.conf), because otherwise it'll need a reboot.

After booting up .next, you can confirm it's not loaded via 'lsmod' and 'systemctl --no-pager --type=swap'.

In the longer term, we'll have to figure out why the systemd job is failing.
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Yeah, I had to remove my swap from /etc/fstab too in order to get it to shutdown.

Is there anything I can try and do to help debug it? I'm not really au fait with the intricacies of linux, but I'll give it a shot
Quick one. I've got .next installed on an SD card. Am I able to access the NAND when booted in .next? If so, how do I do this?

Comrade Kingu seems to be on a crusade to eliminate all redirects from the wiki, for reasons I can't quite fathom. The wiki's in a bit of a mess at the moment, unfortunately - but those of us trying to put it back together are trying to look upon it as an opportunity to rationalise it at the same time.

Doesn't mean we can't support old links to information though. I'll have a look tomorrow and see if that particular link can be resurrected, when I'm back at my computer.
Glad people can stop blaming me. It appears that he has moved it to here http://pandorawiki.org/Ångström#THE_FOLLOWING_IS_THE_RUNNING_LINUX_FROM_SD_CARD_PAGE lulz.

Should I restore the original page?
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Hey, at least Kingu generally recorded where stuff had been moved to, unlike certain people I could mention ;)

I'd say put in a redirect that can easily be updated later, assuming it's possible to redirect to a subsection of a merged page. We're trying to get away from so much duplicated and hard to maintain stuff on the wiki, without turning Kingu's merge into a copy.

Anyway, this discussion would be better happening in the appropriate thread, rather than clogging up proceedings here.

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Nobody's blaming you now, Wally, but you ARE the one who started removing all the redirects way back in the spring (at least, according to the first post of the old Pandorawiki thread).

NONONO. That should NOT be normal. IF a page is moved, then we need to make sure the old page forwards to the new place as well.

This CAN'T be!
What's more, deleting the old page instead of leaving a redirect to the new location means that all of the authorship history is lost. Nobody can check who wrote what or if the content was moved correctly. And this has happened all over the Pandorawiki.
I'm still waiting for an explanation from Kingu - maybe I should stop waiting and just fix things since almost everybody except for him seems to agree with me, but then there'd probably be an edit war and I'm way too busy working on my thesis these next few weeks for a drawn-out online fight... just to confirm, ED, would I have your support if I did go and undelete all of the deleted pages whose content was merged into other pages and made them into redirects instead?

P.S. Kingu, if you posted an explanation somewhere and I missed it, I'm sorry. I haven't had much time to check the forums lately.
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