.next development

What sub-repositories should be updated and on what branches to help .next?

Edit: I found oebb.sh update to fast forward all repositories in one shot

Bonus question, what is the policy if we want recipes that exist only in git://git.openembedded.org/openembedded (ie fluidsynth)?

Migrate there somewhere?
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I don't know if aTc has posted here but to get WIFI working:

sudo nm-connection-editor

And create a new connection.

Then to install firefox:

sudo opkg update

sudo opkg install libgtkstylus

sudo opkg install firefox

And you should be good to go :)
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This thread is now a few months old, but I heard developers were still more than welcome to help. So I was wondering if someone could indicate how best to do this:

- Is the OS image from may still the place to start? Isn't there anything more recent?

- Is there a list of open issues (found http://bugs.openpandora.org/ but this looks rather empty)?

- What areas require the most urgent help? (I'm a C++ developer but I can surely manage other tasks too)

There may be a place will all this information already; if so please add a link here for anyone who wants to be involved :)
Im mostly waiting for the next oe version to become stable.

Getting a bit fed up with the whole thing randomly breaking all over the place, even in the most basic things, so i haven't been doing that much work on it recently.

It's a real problem to find something that can fit a reasonably full desktop environment in the 512mb of nand, AND can reliably produce up to date images.

The other arm distros all need about 2gb of space to get half the stuff that's in the current firmware.
just wanted to thank atc and everyone working on this for taking the time to make the pandora even better
I tested this in the past days. Current status :

Working :

- systemd

- slim and x11

- first boot wizard (maybe a restart of slim at the end would be welcome)

To be adapted :

- xfce default config

Partly working :

- network manager

- PND system (it doesnt get notified of new card insert, restart it to get new discoveries)

Broken :

- Pandora xfce applet

- Sound (alsa seems somewhat broken, beside the kernel doesnt load all the requiered modules)

- EGL (apps not using eglport are fine, eglport seems the problem here)
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If it's just some old firmware image where you've pasted the angstrom feeds in and did an opkg update/upgrade it's pretty useless.

We (well, it's mostly me) want a maintainable system that will actually build from scratch from the newer angstrom repos.

Not something that takes the nearly impossible to build hacked up image based on a completely obsolete angstrom version, and makes it even worse by dumping much newer packages on top.

Not to mention that a 1.5gb image won't really fit onto 512mb of nand.
If it's just some old firmware image where you've pasted the angstrom feeds in and did an opkg update/upgrade it's pretty useless.
I think i have the newest Feeds 12.2012 inside,but because the Size?

I try to upgrade it smaller ;)

I will check up the Feeds while updating ^_^

When not will i take the Feeds from your Image and try it to Upgrade too ;)
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I wouldn't bother, your method just isn't the way towards a better more up to date firmware.

You're just taking a broken system, and adding more broken stuff on top.
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