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Thanks for the great work ! Hopefully it allows me to use my Pandora a lot more as our dev environment is written in Gtk#. It works on Chromebook/Crouton (I use it there the most now), but it would be great if it worked on the Pandora as that would make me more mobile. I'll let you know how it goes; it doesn't use native code or anything that shouldn't work, so I have high hopes. 
At last, a new build of this on the repo.

I have tried to make that update for a long time, but it was always crashing without codeblocks mounted... I turn out that the problem was with the RUNPATH of mono itself (or maybe the RPATH of some libs) that was pointing to /mnt/utmp/codeblocks/usr/lib and was crashing if the folder was not there!
I used chrpath, a tool to alter/remove rpath/runpath, to fix everything :) (and that tool will be in the next codeblocks).

Build 05

  • Updated Mono to 4.5.02
  • Updated Monodevelop to 6.1
  • Updated all libs
I wonder if you can get dotnet core running on Pandora?

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That seems to be really tricky, the build system is tight to x86_64 architecture it seems. You would use it? What the benefit of dotnet Core over plain mono?
A new build on the repo. Using a fairly more recent mono build, and built with a setting for smaller memory footprint (not sure of the effect and side-effect).

Build 07

  • Updated Mono to 5.3.0
  • Build for smaller memory footprint
Hint to the others: I believe you need to reflash firmware first. This is what I have just done. Now all works well, thanks again :)

EDIT Weird. Pinta stated once, but a second or third time, wouldn´t. Another full reflash and the previous version, all fine again. No biggie :)
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New build on the repo, with an updated version of mono, and a fresh build of libgdi+. Software that had some issue with their GUI (with text mostly non-apparent because the area for drawing it was too narrow) should be fixed now (like radegast).

Build 08

  • Updated Mono to 5.8.0
  • Update libgdi+, fixing GUI of many software
New build on the repo. It may seems like a minor change, but it let Stardew Valley do its save even when the codeblocks pnd is not launched.

Build 09

  • Changed the shell script in bin to use bash and not sh
Hi all,

@ptitSeb : I think we had this discussion before in the C&C / Red Alert thread ;) Did you compile Mono with the "--enable-small-config" option ? EDIT: you used this option in build #7
--enable-small-config=yes,no - Enable some tweaks to reduce memory usage and disk footprint at the expense of some capabilities.

Typically this means that the number of threads that can be created is limited (256), that the maximum heap size is also reduced (256 MB) and other such limitations that still make mono useful, but more suitable to embedded devices (like mobile phones).

This defaults to no.


Maybe this could help with the memory issues in Stardew Valley ?

Cheers, Magic Sam
@Magic Sam the "--enable-small-config" in not in my build config anymore. I'm not sure it's a good idea (and building mono is a 1~2 days compile), as limiting the heap to 256MB for example will simply prevent stardew from loading, as it clearly needs more the that.
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New update on the repo. Because of the naming scheme (5.8 -> 5.12), it will not show up as updated in PNDManager, sorry about that.

Build 10

  • Update to Mono 5.12.0
I looked at that some time ago, but the build system looks complex, and very x86 specific. I haven't looked at it recently, maybe things improved (I doubt arm/softfp to be a supported platform anyway).
I re-uploaded monort package, I forgot to update the PXML (content was 5.12, only the PXML was still at 5.8).