Maru OS ?

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Aug 10, 2007
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Hi all :)

Maru OS
Maru makes personal computing more context-aware by giving you the best interface for your environment. That means when you're on the go, Maru is your phone; when you're at your desk, Maru is your desktop. It's that simple!

To be more precise, Maru is an operating system that enables interactive virtual environments on Android. It's based on the Android Open Source Project and focuses on mobile hardware. It uses lightweight OS virtualization (containers) to spin up virtual systems on demand, and provides a bridge into Android's I/O framework for interactivity.

Cheers, Magic Sam
I like Maru, but there's many considerations to make when thinking about running it on the Pyra.

-Would you be able to use the keyboard and various buttons when in Android Mode?
-Is there some way to toggle between Android and Debian without BT or an external monitor? On-the-fly?
-Who would be willing to maintain an Android ROM for the Pyra? Would they be willing to ship Maru or just a custom ROM? Both?
-How far would the Pyra version deviate from Maru OS? Would more work need to be done just to get it to boot? Graphics (using PowerVR instead of Adreno)?
-Could the Pyra get 3D acceleration under Maru? Would new Android versions have to be built from TI's outdated ROM or could they be just fresh installs?
-Would Maru be willing to accept device-specific patches? It's pretty Nexus 5-centralized right now.

-And, finally. Would (a member of) the community need to spin their own MaruOS-like Android ROM in order to get a similar experience?
I didn't find any noteworthy documentation, but it looks like Maru OS is just Android with a (well configured) Debian chroot and the chroot outputs its graphics output towards HDMI.
I might be wrong. (I didn't spend too much time on it)