Is more better??



As many of you know there are gaming emulators that can contain hundred's if not thousand's of games. 

I wonder how many of you that play games on your Pandora, fill your emulators to the maximal capacity [or close to it] just to have bragging rights or perhaps the mentation that more is better? Maybe it is a 'power trip' that you can hold a gizmo such as the Pandora in your hand that contains all of those games, even if you don't or never have played 90 percent of them. A complete library in your pocket,satchel or purse.

Or perhaps do you specifically seek the games you really cherish for any given gaming emulator? In other words, just because a gaming emulator can contain 1,000 of roms, would you rather have say 50 you really enjoy and negate the others?

 Maybe for you it is a trial and error discovery. Perhaps you might download all available games but then as you go down the 'rom list' you delete the games that are distasteful after a brief go at it?? Is it trial and error or selective choice?

I for one take the quality vs. quantity perspective. I am selective of what I feed the Pandy  so I realize my rom sets will never be complete.

I am not debating that one preference is better than the other so please do not take this as an argumentative post...unless you fancy so ..I hope not. :eek:   ;)
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I have large SD cards, I just copy over my whole collection which I may say is no where near complete..

Although I play more native games than emulators.
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Or perhaps do you specifically seek the games you really cherish for any given gaming emulator? In other words, just because a gaming emulator can contain 1,000 of roms, would you rather have say 50 you really enjoy and negate the others?
Rather have a few games I actually play, but I am sometimes looking for rare gems I might not know in the first place.
i) Collect rediculous piles of arcade boards and system carts/floppies

ii) Rip them to 'rom files'

iii) Fire them up on a pandora

iv) Place pandora on original system

v) Pandora honours - does not try to shame - original system!

vi) Do not taunt Pandora, she will cut you
I like to have full collections in all languages, but It depends mostly on space available... when it is low I have to choose wisely what to keep
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Not having to go though all those cartridges, floppys, CDs and DVDs saves a lot of time and SD cards save a lot of space,

the originals can go into some boxes which do not have to be easily reachable.

It is great to have everything in digital folders/files and immediately at hand that way,

it is great to have the game you want to play (/movie you want to watch /music you want to hear /book you want to read) with you, even if you are on vacation and therefore far away from your collection

and of course it is great to have your stuff in multiple places, because you will not very likely lose them this way.
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Why do you think I have 2 x 128 GB SD-cards?

Why do you think I have 2 x 128 GB SD-cards?
Already did this with my DS Flashcard.

Ripping all my DS games and don't have to take all the games with me was nice.

I finally figured out you are Shenmue.

I did wonder for some days now who that user is who had 2000 posts and I've never seen before.

That also was strange looking.

Stop confusing me.
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Who said I was trying to be confusing?  Japanese and Chinese people read from righ to left <---- :D
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Well, I have my must have classics (DOTT, mr driller, etc), some games I do not really like but can show off (starwars comes to mind and mario kart).

As for the roms, I do not have that many. Sometimes I dl a few. And depending on the system, they are very small.

I had a ZX Spectrum and a Commodore, so I tend to dl many games for those systems, and its trial and error. I do tend to keep all I dl as a backup, just not on the SD card.

But let me explain that: The left SD card has all essentials and homedirectory. The right SD card has test, temporal movies, music etc. So if I like something enough, I move it to the left card. And from time to time I wipe the right card.

With bigger roms, I really need to think it over. With Stella, for example, I just test out each day a few, just for fun. Each game, has its charm, and I usually do not play them so much that I end up frustrated as the angry video game nerd. And stella has more games than I can remember playing (I gave my 600xl away too soon, I had it less than a year, but by then I was using the CBM 128 more for school stuff, or the XT of my parents)
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I find more is usually worse. If I put everything on there I end up playing my old stand-by games over and over again instead of branching out into games I haven't played before. Often times I'll check around for "best games for X platform" threads and look for titles I haven't played before. Acquire the needed dumps and only put those on my Pandora. Otherwise, the choices are overwhelming and I end up settling for something familiar.
Well I own a PSP and have very few games.

As PPSSPP is becoming better and Pyra will come I'll start buying lot's of PSP games.

I also did this with PSX. Already had lots of DS games but also want to extend my collection.
I normally find a balance between DL'ing all the games I own and think are fun, randomly minus a few that I forget, and then get angry when I realize I forgot to download XYZ and there's no cell phone service where I am to download the game I suddenly got an urge to play. :p
This is a feature I'd love to see implemented in our most popular emulators:

A favourites list. Hell yes!

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Make a folder named favourites and put your favourites inside.

Problem solved.
Yes, that works, however, I think that a 1 to 5 stars, just like the audioplayers have is a nice feature. So you can sort by never played, played lately, favourites, etc.
Well, it would be nice to organize your games from within the emulator... I've amended my desired feature to 'catagories' instead of just one favorites list.

It would be a pain to keep physically moving your roms around into different folders. Much better to instead:

Play a game, decide that it's lame and add it to your lame list.

Make another list for unplayed

Another list for rpgs

Another list for faves

Another list for all games that feature aliens... etc...

So one rome would probably show up in multiple lists... you couldn't do that with folders.

So my requested feature? - the ability to make 'Play'lists and save them, load them from within the emulator menu.

I wonder why no one has thought of this before? It would be awesome! :)