Is Pandora The Better Option For Me?

Thats exactly what i'm looking for as well. Small, good screen, wifi, acceptable keyboard and the standard linux software. The gaming is just a little bonus.
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Sounds like the pandora will work for you.
Could you imagine them making a pandora without gaming controls! :rolleyes:
Yes, it's called Pandora Cube.
the pandora cube is not a reality yet!
Neither was the Pandora in October 2008 and still people believed in it. ^_^

well... the pandora cube won't be portable. so i win ^_^ (why does that smiley remind me of gumshoe?)
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Don't forget the Pandora has USB host so you can plug in a keyboard. You can get some nifty folding keyboards.
this is quite new and refreshing. looks like there will definitely be a market for people who aren't going to use the pandora for gaming at all.
yeah, I want something to wave at the netbook users and say, "I have taken your base concept to its logical conclusion!"
And to complement my 17 inch notebook, for when a backpack is not practical.

Gaming is secondary, since I don't expect any big-brand games.. for a while.
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gp2.eXe said:
Sounds like the pandora will work for you.
Could you imagine them making a pandora without gaming controls!
Yes, it's called Pandora Cube.

I was very interested when I read about the Pandora Cube, imagining it would have a similar design to the OpenPandora, without gaming controls and, perhaps, a larger or more complete keyboard.

Today I've just seen this thread:

which says it doesn't have a keyboard at all, nor a screen or any controls. :-(
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Why the long face? The Pandora Cube was just an idea Craig was bouncing around. It doesn't not have anything because it doesn't exist. What it would or would not have is still entirely up in the air. It may never even exist.
Squidge said:
an Acer Aspire One with 512MB RAM, Linux and SSD storage may suit you better, and be a lot cheaper at £135. At least then you have a normal'ish keyboard rather than a thumbboard & a 8.9" 1024 x 600 LCD.

I'm thinking the Pandora may be a little too small for your needs as a sysadmin.
Don't buy the Acer Aspire! They get EXTREMELY hot, my dad purchased two of them, both died around the same time from the same problem! Don't do it!
It seems you need a Palm if typing is really important to you, you can purchase a folding keyboard. But, if you can adapt to the controls of the Pandora, I would recommend that more than a Palm simply because of its expandability.
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The Nokia N810 may be a good choice, and is available now. Actually, I think they are at the end of their product life cycle as they've been on sale at various online shops for less then $200.

I have one (as well as an N800 - I like gadgets!) and it's a nice little internet device. The thumb board won't be as nice to type on as Pandora, likely, but the overall size of the device is smaller. While you can get the micro-USB to switch to host mode, it also supports bluetooth keyboards.

BTW, I also have an Aspire One and mine does not run hot. I've had no problems with it (other than the buggy BIOS in the early release). They have a really nice keyboard for their size. I do understand, though, about carrying that much weight around.
DigitalWings said:
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I have this. It's horrible.
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